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Go Bold With Your Carpet

Making your home stand out among the many others selling in your area can be a challenge in today’s real estate market. One easy way to give your home a unique flavor is to rethink the flooring. Even if you are set on staying, replacing your carpet with a new alternative to the old standards can do wonders for your home’s appearance.

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Finding Beige Boring? Graduate to Naturals
Beige is one of the most common color choices for carpets, for its flexibility (it goes with everything) and its availability. But now, a new group of textured naturals is challenging “the old guard” of beiges, tans, and creams. Think about how often and in how many locations beiges are used: waiting rooms, corporate offices, homes, hotels, schools, and more. Instead of beiges and tans, these new naturals use a blend of colors, including pastel yellows, greens, and blues, giving carpet a more interesting, textured appearance. Their texture also allows them to be more discreet about the dirt they’re hiding.

Color: Boldly Go Where Your Home Has Not Gone Before
What would a red carpet do in a guest room? Would it offset your home’s equilibrium? Make guests crazy? How about blue carpet in a children’s playroom? Or green in a furnished basement? Are these ideas just wrong? Or are they a great way to give your home a different look while still preserving the warmth and comfort of your home? More homeowners are choosing to go bold with their carpet choices because they are bored with the status quo. Changing carpet colors can also open up a world of decorating possibilities, allowing you to use wall hangings, pillows, and small pieces of furniture to bring out the carpet color and give your room a whole new look.

Add Texture with Tiles
Carpet tiles can be yet another great way to give your home’s flooring a new look and style. Choosing two or three different color tiles and alternating them across a room can make things even more interesting. And carpet tiles are typically great for maintenance: fighting a stain that’s just too tough? Easy. Just replace it.

Whether you are country classic or coolly contemporary, changing up your home’s carpet can make your home more marketable or just more enjoyable for you and your family.