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Go Green – Natural Cork Flooring

Natural cork flooring is becoming a more popular choice of many people. Whether used in a kitchen, bathroom and throughout the entire house, many people consider cork to be their flooring type. Churches, libraries and other public places also use cork floors.

Cork trees are a variety of the oak tree species. While other wood or bamboo flooring materials are made by utilizing the stalk of the plant, cork is the outer layer of the bark. Taking the bark off the cork tree is eco-friendly as it does not kill the tree. In fact, cork trees grow a fresh layer of harvestable bark every six years. The cork tree can continue to grow new bark thus protecting forests from deterioration due to excessive cutting of trees. Not many flooring options provide this kind of environmental friendliness. Not only it is something unique but it would be a great conversation piece that you can share with environmental enthusiast.

Natural cork floors are moisture resistant and have suberin ingredient that keeps insects away. Cork is naturally hypoallergenic and antistatic, so if homeowners are prone to developing allergic reactions, getting cork floors should be highly considered.

Just because a cork floor is great for the environment does not mean that you are restricted to it as a home flooring option. There are quite a number of other beautiful flooring materials to choose from – materials that come in different colors and styles.