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Hard Working

Industrial flooring needs to stand up to a tough working environment:

Flowcrete UK says its Industrial Floorzone concept provides a time proven solution, which has earned its stripes across various manufacturing environments nationwide.
The system comprises Hydraseal DPM, Flowscreed Industrial Top and SF41 coating, all supplied by Flowcrete under one warranty. The system has reportedly been used extensively across the UK’s manufacturing sector, covering hundreds of thousands of sq m of floor space.
As with all Flowcrete flooring systems, Industrial Floorzone is installed by the company’s highly trained, approved UK-wide contractor network.
Ian Jones, marketing manager of Flowcrete UK, which has been supplying industrial flooring for over 30 years, says: ‘Industrial floors are the part of a manufacturing facility subjected to the most stress and traffic, and if they don’t measure up to the demands on them, the implications for reinstatement are costly and disruptive.
‘With our Industrial Floorzone, clients can choose from a wide range of resin floor coatings that deliver a multitude of benefits including slip-resistance, hygiene and durability.
‘Different formulations for specific areas within various industrial environments are available to maximise longevity and extend the lifecycle of the finish, while the DPM and Isocrete screed ensure a solid subfloor underfoot for maximum performance.’
Mapei Ultratop Industrial cementitious flooring system is described as a high quality, technologically-advanced product that levels and smooths both new and existing concrete and screed substrates.
Grey-toned and abrasion-resistant, Ultratop Industrial is designed for areas where there is heavy pedestrian or vehicular traffic from factory floors, to warehouse environments.
Intended for use where contractors have tight schedules and deadlines, this product reportedly offers installers an ultra-quick setting time.
It can be applied at a thickness of 5-40mm, and, once laid, it becomes an integral part of the structure, providing a long lasting, hardwearing surface, says Mapei.
The system can reportedly be used as a finished floor surface due to its high strength and excellent abrasion resistance.
However, if required it can be overcoated with a suitable Mapefloor resin or sealer system.
Permaban has launched a new style of heavy-duty armoured joint for use in new warehouse and distribution centre concrete floors.
Branded Permaban Eclipse, its robust design is engineered to withstand the frequent impact of small, hard forklift truck wheels.
Eclipse is claimed to use much less steel than traditional armoured joints with heavy top sections. Due to its ‘clever’ design, the steel is said to completely envelop and protect the concrete joint arris. A solid triangular high-tensile reinforcing section provides support under the joint’s top edges.
By using less steel, Eclipse is claimed to offer greater joint protection than traditional style heavy-duty armoured joints, with a reduced environmental impact.
Additionally, it is supplied in galvanised steel as standard, so it can be used for joints in internal or external concrete slabs. The galvanized finish is said to make the product resistant to weathering. It can also be supplied in stainless steel, if required.
The product is said to help ensure a superior and trouble-free installation for flooring contractors. Continuous ‘grid-cut’ concrete ties along the length of the joint are designed to ensure the joint is anchored securely into the concrete.
It also incorporates twin full-height central divider plates intended to add strength and rigidity to ensure it stands firm against the weight of the concrete during the pour.
After the building is in use, any surface damage (‘spalling’) behind the joint will reportedly be contained by the grid-cut concrete ties, preventing the problem extending along the joint.
Eclipse has undergone arduous R&D testing at Permaban, including both weight resistance tests and intensive cycling on a test rig, with reportedly impressive results. Several successful installations of Eclipse include the flagship Cannock logistics hub for APC, the UK’s largest independent parcel network.
RSL (Resin Surfaces Limited) supplied a white resin floor in a heavy duty industrial plant of Cummins, the leading global manufacturer of diesel engines.
The client required flooring for its UK factory which supplies engines for trucks, construction, mining, agricultural and material handling equipment.
The flooring solution had to provide high levels of impact resistance and durability especially as some finished engines, weighing over five tonnes, are moved across the floor on metal skips.
Furthermore engine manufacturing uses oils and lubricants, meaning the floor must be resistant to chemicals.
As part of upgrading the floor, demarcation walkways and forklift areas were required to support a proactive health & safety culture. It had to be easier for customers and other visitors to clearly identify safe and production areas throughout the large plant.
RSL’s epoxy resin Resuflor was chosen because it is a self-smoothing, seamless floor said to combine outstanding wearing properties with chemical resistance while providing an attractive finish.
The client also wanted the floor to be installed in phases to minimise downtimes disrupting production. A seamless epoxy resin was chosen because it was easy to marry up each section of flooring while ensuring a smooth seamless finish.
The choice of a white floor finish helped to create a brighter working environment and to support a rigorous cleaning regime.
Mechanical scabbling and blasting was carried out across the 2000m and 1500m areas; preparing the original worn surface for installation. Scabbling takes away a thin layer of concrete to remove surface contamination ready for the installation of a new system.
Oil contaminated floors can cause major problems if the floor preparation is not undertaken correctly, resulting in unstable bonding of the resin to the subfloor. In contrast to the white floor, walkways were in black. Suitable warning signs were installed at key junctions to advise both workers and visitors of ‘safe’ areas.
Tremco Illbruck reports that its SF108 (formerly known as Treadfast 108) has been awarded BREEAM recognition for sustainability, following rigorous testing.
Tremco SF108 pressure sensitive adhesive for vinyl floor and wall coverings as well as most rubber floorcoverings, is now BREEAM compliant in terms of the Building Research Establishment (BRE) Environmental Assessment Method. BRE has one of the world’s most respected measures of sustainability, setting the benchmark for best practice in sustainable building design, construction and operation.
A Tremco illbruck spokesperson commented:
‘This award encourages designers, clients and others to think about low carbon and low impact design, minimising the energy demands created by a building before considering energy efficiency and low carbon technologies.’
SF108 reportedly offers a coverage rate of over 100sq m for 15 litres. The recognition that the adhesive is proven to be free of carcinogenic or allergy creating volatile substances makes it well suited for schools, hospitals and other sensitive applications – will draw interest from more quarters.
Importantly, SF108 is solvent-free and boasts low toxicity, while it is also non-flammable and meets current legislation for low VOC requirements.
Tremco vows to continue trying to ensure that as many of its products as possible are BREEAM compliant.
Ultra Floor describes its Level IT one HDB as a rapid hardening water mix levelling compound: the original leveller designed to smooth undulations in cementitious floor substrates and to build depths of up to 50mm.
Level IT one HDB is designed for use over sound strong subfloors such as concrete, cement, sand screeds, epoxy DPM’s, stone and tiles. It is a single part system, requiring only the addition of water on site to form a high strength smoothing compound.
It is said to achieve a compressive strength of 38N/sq mm at 28 days and can be hand or pump applied depending on the parameters of the project.
It reportedly has a working time of 20-30 minutes and sets within 2-3 hours of application. It can be applied at thicknesses from 3-50mm and a 25kg bag covers an optimum 5sq m at 3mm.
The product also forms part of the Ultra Floor industrial flooring system. When topped with Level IT HD Top it can be used to resurface existing industrial concrete floors to provide a rapid drying wearing surface. It may also be covered with any of the other Ultra Floor cementitous smoothing compounds.
Ultra Floor is a brand of the Instarmac Group plc.
Uzin has reduced the weight of its most popular levelling compounds NC 150, NC 160, NC 170 and NC 172. These are all now also available in 20kg bags.
The move is in response to health and safety measures increasingly putting pressure on companies in construction to improve safety standards for employees.
In the flooring industry there is concern when flooring contractors have to lift and move heavy bags of levelling compounds and screeds.
The new 20kg bags of Uzin levelling compounds will be easier for transportation and easier and safer for flooring contractors to lift and carry.
Despite reducing the weight of the bag, each of the levelling compounds offers coverage of approximately 5sq m at 3mm.
When applying levelling compounds in industrial locations, Uzin NC 172 reportedly provides contractors with a reliable and rapid solution.
With an extremely high compressive strength of 50N, NC 172 is described as rapid drying and ready to accept most floorcoverings within one hour.
It has also been awarded an EC1 plus classification and Blue Angel label for being very low emission. CFJ

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