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Technical Infromation

Hardwood Durability

When selecting a hardwood for your home or business, it is good to know the durability of the hardwood.

A test has been devised by the Swedish engineer Brinell uses a 10mm diameter steel ball to indent the wood with force.
The subsequent indentation is measured and a hardness measurement allocated to each species.

The higher the value – the harder the hardwood.



Species Value
Pine 1.6
Alder 2.1
Birch 2.6
European Maple 3.0
American Walnut 3.4
Iroko 3.5
Black Cherry 3.6
Oak 3.7
Beech 3.8
American Oak 3.8
European Red Oak 3.8
Ash 4.0
Rosewood 4.4
Jarrah 4.7
Hard Maple 4.8
Merbau 4.9
Mutenye 5.0
Sucupira 5.6
Jatoba 7.0