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Hardwood Floor Performance Maintenance

Making a good impression that will last long is like creating the beauty of your hardwood floor shine. It’s a real investment having flooring that is easy to maintain. The beauty of hardwood floors will change eventually but with the help of proper maintenance, you’ll get used to the slight squeak and scratch that will sometimes occur. To boost your hardwood floors luminance on a daily basis, you have to clean it regularly so its beauty will be maintained. All the common routines such as sweeping can help lengthen the years of your hardwood floor.

But you cannot deny the fact that even the floor has its own aging process and you will need to manage it. To keep your wood floors looking their best, you must have a proper and thorough maintenance. For instance, using the soft bristle broom can help maintain the hardwood floors’ veracity. You can also clean it with a solvent-based cleaner and liquid wax designed particularly for wood floors.

In the midst of all the finishing and cleaning, you have to be cautious when using a sponge mop or some hard metal edges that can easily scratch the hardwood floors. To help prevent unpleasant hardwood floor damage, here are some tips you can follow:

1. Place mats in all doorways and area rugs in all areas of your home that get frequently walked on to prevent your floor from dirt and scratches. A mat in front of the kitchen sink can prevent water spills and any pointed objects that may be dropped from damaging the floor

2. Put some leg protectors on your furniture to prevent scratches while you are arranging or moving furniture. Also it is much preferable to lift them instead of dragging them.

3. Avoid anything pointed, such as high-heeled shoes and the likes, to touch your floors; these can cause damage to your floor.

All these three common guidelines should help you properly care for your hardwood floors. Since you want to make your floor look great and vibrant, follow these tips to make sure you will be able to save on repair and maintenance costs in the future.