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Hardwood Flooring – Care & Maintenance

The floorings play a major role on your overall home beauty and design. And having good quality flooring will complement the artistic beauty of your surroundings. One of the more elegant types of floor, which is very popular and in demand, is the hardwood floor. Hardwood floors give your house the homey feeling that you need, especially when you are all tired and stressed from work.

Most people think that hardwood floor is hard to maintain. That’s absolutely not true! It only requires simple maintenance to retain its prime condition. As long as your hardwood is properly taken care of, they will remain classy and striking with natural gloss that only floor made of hardwood can have. Although a different wood finish requires a different kind of care, there are some general ways in taking care of your hardwood floors.

Always keep your hardwood floor dry. Never allow standing water or any liquid spill on you floor; mop them off as soon as possible. Excessive moisture can get into your floor and may cause serious damage to them. Too much exposure to sunlight can make your floor color look dull. It is advised to use curtains or blinds to lessen the amount of sunlight getting into your house.

Simple cleaning can make your floor last longer. Sweeping your floors weekly can get rid of dirt and gravel that gets tacked in. To avoid these contaminants from causing scratch marks on your hardwood floors, it is best to place doormats on your entrance so that any abrasive things can be dusted off before entering the house. You can further protect your floor by placing felt pads under all furniture and furniture legs to avoid scratches.

Proper maintenance ensures your floor the best appearance possible. When flooring receives the necessary care and protection, they will continue to retain its gloss and classy elegance throughout the years.