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Hardwood Floors Seen Better Days? Dull & Worn

Years ago many of us didn’t think about keeping hardwood floors in pristine condition. Sure, grandma would sometimes spend hours waxing those old beauties but did they fall off the deep end when the floors got scratched? No, it was just a matter of what to expect with the floors. Today we focus a lot of attention on hardwood flooring, almost as if they’re part of the furniture.

The Deep End? Yea, That’s Me!

We run into a number of people that obsess over their new hardwood floors, and yet some get so hung up with cheap solutions in how to improve the shine or restore the dullness in their floors. Billy Mays can be a compelling salesperson with the Orange Glow product but you have to wonder “…is my floor worth experimenting on at a cost under $25 bucks?”

We found plenty of comments about Orange Glow at Mostly negative and if you should be on the short end of the stick having problems, there are a number of solutions mentioned by dissatisfied customers. The sample photo on the right is an example of applying too much cleaner that caused a gunky buildup.

The Professional Solution.

Sure, maybe grandma didn’t care but you do. The question is how can I fix those dull or worn hardwood floors? The page link highlights what to expect from minor dull or scratched floors. What it doesn’t go on to say is an expected cost. For a professional fix, expect to pay anywhere between one and three dollars a square foot depending on where you live.