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Harvest Estate

The Flooring Group Ltd was awarded by Breyer Group LBI Capital and Cyclical Works 2010-2014 in August 2012 with communal flooring replacement to several housing estates in Islington. The project calls for fast, competent and high standard floor finish. Each estate has a different finish requirement and Islington Council are particular in the result achieved. The Flooring Group Ltd are consulted throughout for best economical solution. Cleaning and maintenance is high on the criteria list so a choice of flat lay, skirting and coving are offered to suit the differing floor areas.

Colour coding to identify buildings and floors is used and type of trim and colour is important.

The estates are fully occupied so working closely with the resident liaison officers is critical to minimise disruption.

Access and egress are also important, so the delivery of materials, take up of existing flooring and disposal of unwanted waste needs to be co-ordinated with the project management team. Time constraint is a key issue and the flow of instruction to works operation plays a vital part so communications between Breyer Group, The Flooring Group and the sub-contractor team is of paramount importance. All players have collectively demonstrated a willingness to achieve the deadlines.

Locations Of Work:

  • Barratt House
  • Neptune House
  • Old Andover Estate
  • Haden Court
  • Harvest Towers