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Health Risks During Woon Sanding

In this article London flooring contractors reveal some important health risks when sanding wood floors, outlined by Terry Guilford. London flooring experts will focus on 5 essential problems, connected with wood dust and the measures that should be taken:

  • Lung damage – London flooring specialists reveal, that just as asbestos, wood dust may be easily breathed. This type of dust causes very little wounds to the lungs. For this reason they are not instantly felt, but they decrease the lung capacity.
  • Sensitivity – London flooring contractors explain, that there are some woods to which we are more sensible with repeated exposure. For instance Iroko is a type of timber, considered for sensitizer whilst the Merbau and Ipe are not. Every next contact is worse.
  • Irritation – London flooring specialists tell that the manifestation of irritation may be various: skin flushing; short term breathing problems; sneezing; runny nose; itching. Actually every timber is listed as an irritant at some point.
  • Cancerogen influence – as a direct result of exposure to the dust from specific timbers nasal cancer may be caused.
  • Toxicity – London flooring contractors explain that some timbers are considered to be directly toxic. Fortunately for us none of those, listed in the allergen and wood toxicity chart are in general use for flooring!
  • London flooring specialists reveal some ways to avoid the risk:
  • Naturally, the best preventive measure is to diminish the quantity of the produced dust. In addition, only professional floor sanding equipment must be used. Cheap sanders are not recommended. London flooring contractors claim, that even smaller sanding machines may be improved by hanging extractors to them. Moreover – London flooring specialists tell about air movers which must be strategically placed in premises with open windows. This way the old air may be sucked and replaced by fresh new air.
  • Every London contract flooring company and Every London commercial flooring company must provide masks to workers. Otherwise when cheaper hire equipment is used respirators are mandatory. In case of timber sanding a Tyvek suit and gloves are great for protection.
  • London flooring experts claim, that modern floor sanding equipment may be well maintained and this way the dust control will be excellent. However, in case of emptying of dust bags, exposure to dust is immense.

London flooring contractors recommend to use protection at least when you empty dust bags (if you find it impossible to work with protective equipment).

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