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Do Your Part to Help Save the Earth With Sustainable Flooring

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Are you concerned about climate change and the health of the planet?

Statistics reveal that climate change is one of the biggest worries people have in the UK, second only to the NHS. Many people feel like their hands are tied and that there isn’t much they can do on a personal level to stop the rollercoaster. 

Fortunately, there are ways you can take action. One of these is choosing natural materials for your home.

As demand rises, there is now a variety of sustainable residential and commercial flooring products available that you can use to make your home or business a healthy place and reduce your impact on the environment. 

Read on to find out the advantages of sustainable flooring options and how they promote home sustainability. 

Sustainable Flooring Can Help Reduce Landfill Waste

When you install new flooring, do you know what happens to the old flooring that’s been ripped out? In most cases, it goes straight to the dump. 

Currently, 75% of demolition and construction waste is being landfilled in the EU. Here in the UK, construction waste disposal makes up more than 50% of total landfill volumes. 

While there’s not much you can do about the floor that’s being ripped out, you can prevent this from happening with your new flooring one day. 

Most sustainable flooring options are either made from biodegradable or recyclable materials. This helps to ensure they don’t contribute to landfill waste.

For instance, if you install bamboo or hardwood flooring, the planks can be repurposed if the floor is replaced in the future. If they do end up in the landfill, they will be able to decompose, instead of sitting there for another couple hundred years. 

Sustainable Flooring Options Can Be Refinished

Another reason why you should invest in sustainable flooring is that a lot of these flooring options can be refinished. Most sustainable flooring products are made from organic materials. Natural materials are ideal for refinishing. 

For example, you can refinish hardwood planks numerous times. Bamboo flooring can also be sanded down and resealed. You can even refinish cork flooring

Instead of ripping your entire floor out once it’s developed a few scratches and nicks, you can simply have it sanded and resealed. 

You Can Decrease Your Carbon Footprint Through Sustainable Flooring

Sustainable flooring is predominantly made from renewable resources that can replenish themselves.

For instance, some species of bamboo can grow up to a meter per day making it the fastest-growing plant in the world. 

Trees do not grow as fast, but they are still a renewable resource. What’s more, while these resources grow, they also act as a carbon sink. Plants and trees extract carbon from the atmosphere, storing it until the wood breaks down, then depositing it into the earth. 

Sustainable Flooring Leads to Better Indoor Air Quality

Besides being a burden on the environment, non-sustainable flooring options can also be a health hazard. Petroleum-based materials like vinyl planks emit VOCs. These compounds can impact your indoor air quality.

Most sustainable flooring options are made from natural materials. Because of this they typically have lower levels of emissions.

Sustainable Flooring Can Lead To Stunning Interior Design

Along with reducing your environmental footprint, sustainable flooring can also be very attractive. Natural flooring options are inherently beautiful. Thanks to their organic beauty, they create a perfect backdrop for jaw-dropping interior design.

Are You on the Hunt for Sustainable Flooring Solutions?

Sustainable flooring can help conserve non-renewable resources. Flooring options like wood, bamboo, and cork can also be refinished multiple times. This extends their lifespan and keeps them out of the dump.

If they do get ripped out and replaced, these natural materials can break down. Returning to the environment, rather than choking landfills for centuries to come.

Are you looking for a sustainable flooring provider you can trust?

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