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Hidden Traps When You Work With Plywood

In this article, London flooring contractors will reveal the opinion of Jim Coulson when it comes to recognising plywood of good quality. London flooring experts explain that people should require some form of guarantee and certification that proves the quality of plywood. Even if the right glue bond is present, other features are also very important in order to have suitable plywood for overlay. Our London flooring company reveals more details:

  • According to London flooring experts, layup of the plywood is extremely important. In brief, that’s the way the veneers are put together. London flooring specialists remind, that even if the glue-bond is the correct type, the layup influences on the performance.
  • London flooring experts point some typical problems with layup – irregular veneer thickness; splits; overlaps; core gaps. All these issues express the way the veneers were put together in the nucleus of the plywood. London flooring contractors say that in case of separation of the core veneers, a gap will be formed. Consequently, the veneers below or above this cavity compress when the plywood is pressed. All that leads to a process, which London flooring experts name as telegraphing.
  • London flooring contractors claim that when overlaps are left just opposite one to another, another problem appears. A bump is created, because the two parts of core veneer are not placed side by side, but one is on the top of the other. The raised zone is visible on the high-gloss floor finish.
  • London flooring contractors claim, that these overlaps and gaps become a reason for inefficient gluing. Even if London flooring experts choose the right adhesive, the problem still exists. Later, in case the plywood is wetted during usage, eventual blisters and ridges are possible.
  • All these facts prove, that the entire quality of plywood means much more than lack of delamination in contact with water. Our London flooring company claims, that prevention from blemishes is also required. These are the reasons for various tests, on which TFT’s Diamond-marked plywood /certified for overlayment usage/, is subjected.

London flooring contractors conclude, that certified plywood is a little bit more expensive, because all the range of tests are not free. But the good quality control is really worth it.

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