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High End Hardwood Flooring

It’s become a proven fact hardwood floors can increase the value of a home. However if you’ve contemplated how much to invest or what type of floor to use, there isn’t Wide eastern white pine floorhardly any information out there on the subject. Sure, all the copycat sites say the same thing in the first sentence we used, but we’re going to dive in further.

High end hardwood flooring can be defined as expensive and or unique. Floors rarely seen in the tract home circles or neighborhoods that cater to the middle income class. Some types of floors can include parquet flooring but not that standard boring stuff that usually collects dust on the back shelves in the Home Depot flooring department. Most people probably don’t realize the patterns available with high end parquet. This type of hardwood flooring is still preferred and used in many parts of Europe and Australia.

For all intent and purposes high end parquet is not a good choice for someone looking to improve the value of a home selling under $500,000. This stuff is usually found in those selling over a few million and more in today’s real estate market. Square foot prices can start in the high teens and go well above that, not including installation and finishing. Yes, this type of parquet is the sand and finish kind.

Likely to be a good candidate for improving a home’s value today is wide plank flooring. Over the last ten years demand for wide plank floors has boomed. We’re not talking four and five inch either. The real treasured stuff is ten and 12 inches wide made by companies in the likes of Carlisle (product photo right) out of Stoddard, New Hampshire. Yes they can be pricey too. But here in the USA wide plank flooring is more accepted by home buyers than esoteric parquet pattern.

Hardwood floor designs in the likes of borders that help define rooms and perimeters along with entry way medallions are another way of increasing value. By simply installing a hardwood floor medallion in the entry way of a home can definitely improve value for one that already has hardwood floors. Other types of flooring worth investigation are hand scraped, but the question remains on whether or not they’ll be accepted ten and fifteen years out. They may become associated with styles that fade with the times.

Benefits with the products mentioned above is you can buy direct. With the internet, many companies aren’t going through the traditional distribution and dealer network that sends prices much higher. Some of them have developed elaborate websites with very high quality room scene photos.