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Holt Wood Flooring Products – Prime Wood Quality

The Flooring Group is a retailer of all Holt Wood Flooring products. Holt Hardwood Flooring provides a prime European wood quality, all at very affordable prices.

Holt Hardwood Flooring products include a variety of straight wood planks, parquet wood, herringbone wood and other types of wood flooring. All Holt Hardwood Flooring products come across a range of floor finishes, including oiled and lacquered wood floors.

All Holt wood products come in 14mm plank thickness and each wood product boasts a 2.5mm wear layer. This should enable at least 2-3 sandings of each wood flooring purchased, wherein the typical sand & seal frequency is once every 15 years.

As all Holt wood floors are engineered, this provides total compatibility for underfloor heating with all their products. As part of this engineered wood design, Holt Hardwood Floors have a 2-layer system which is designed to provide maximum stability and durability for all their wood floors.

The Flooring Group can both supply and also install all Holt Wood Flooring products. You can visit our Contact Us page, or simply click on this link to purchase their products: We look forward to hearing from you.