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Hot News! Cancer Causing Formaldehyde In Chinese-Made Laminate Floors In America

In this article London flooring contractors reveal alarming news coming from America. The information, shared by London flooring experts, concerns one of America’s biggest distributors of wood products – Lumber Liquidators.

  • This flooring company has stopped the sales of its Chinese-made laminate floors. The reason about that are the statements and the deep investigation, accomplished by a major US TV channel. It was discovered that certain wood products contain cancer causing formaldehyde.
  • London flooring specialists inform that the flooring company Lumber Liquidators owns 356 locations across the US. All of them got the order to quit offering and selling the mentioned up above Chinese laminates with this dangerous feature.
  • London flooring contractors are aware that there are over 100 class action lawsuits related to Lumber Liquidators. All these pending cases are connected with Chinese-made laminate floorings.
  • London flooring specialists describe that this flooring company will eventually face criminal charges from the US Department of Justice. The reason: ‘some imported flooring products’.
  • As a result of the investigation findings, this flooring company Lumber Liquidators decided to provide over 26,000 free testing kits to concerned clients.
  • According to information from the company’s ceo (Robert Lynch), the sales of these flooring products are suspended.

London flooring contractors are informed that this flooring company will continue to work diligently and hard in order to satisfy the needs of their customers.

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