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How Can Marmoleum Flooring Benefit Those with Allergy Problems?

Are you looking to replace flooring in any part of your home or workplace? Perhaps the existing flooring has deteriorated perilously, or you simply fancy an aesthetic change. 

Whatever the specifics of your situation, there are many different factors you should weigh up when trying to decide what type of replacement flooring to go for. Of course, visually appealing flooring is good, but you can also benefit from considering its durability and versatility. 

It can also be too easy to overlook some ‘little things’ that turn out to be big. For example, do you have allergies? If so, you might want to consider Marmoleum flooring seriously. 


What is Marmoleum Flooring?  

Marmoleum flooring comprises natural raw materials, most of which are renewable, and others have been recycled. It all adds up to a delightfully eco-friendly package. You can also choose from various colours and designs for Marmoleum flooring. 

Getting hold of such flooring resembling high-end hardwood or marble is even possible. Given that Marmoleum flooring also excels at resisting scratches and stains, it can preserve its clean and polished appearance for decades — potentially as long as 30 to 40 years. 


The Appeal of Marmoleum Flooring to UK Allergy Sufferers

It certainly bodes well that no allergens can be found in Marmoleum flooring. In the UK, at least 12 million people are “allergic to their own home”, according to the charity Allergy UK, which has singled out dust mites as especially common causes of allergic reactions. 

However, the good news is that, as Marmoleum flooring has a solid surface, it lacks places where bacteria can accumulate like it would on carpets or rugs. 

This rigidity of Marmoleum flooring also makes it easy to clean — as bacteria particles simply sit on its surface, which can be wiped off with little effort. 

The onus would still be on you to do your bit to reduce the threat of allergens by cleaning the flooring regularly, such as with a broom or mop. You can rest assured that maintaining Marmoleum flooring can be much less hassle than doing likewise with many alternative, fabric-based coverings.


Allergy UK’s Seal of Approval

This accolade has been awarded to Marmoleum flooring in recognition of its ability not to harbour house dust mites or other allergens, provided that the correct cleaning regime is followed for the flooring.

It was in 1995 that Allergy UK initially established its Seal of Approval, which is now globally recognised and has been used for highlighting a wide range of products confirmed to help prevent allergic reactions.


We Can Install Marmoleum Flooring in London

It’s too easy for allergens to be brought indoors from the outside world — especially if the building gets a steady influx of people. 

Fortunately, we can alleviate the risk of allergies in London homes and workplaces alike by providing them with Marmoleum flooring — and we have local showrooms where you can see samples of it.