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How to Choose the Right Flooring for You

Female Hands Framing Gradated Custom Kitchen Design Drawing and Photo Combination.
Female Hands Framing Gradated Custom Kitchen Design Drawing and Photo Combination.

Female Hands Framing Gradated Custom Kitchen Design Drawing and Photo Combination.

Choosing the right types of flooring for your home or business can be difficult. 

There are numerous factors that go into a decision on flooring; it’s not simply choosing the one that you like the look of the most. You have to consider what room the floor is in, how expensive it is, and the installation process in addition to aesthetic qualities.

In this post, we’re going to give you a short guide for choosing the right type of flooring for your situation. Read on and you’ll soon realize that if you know what to look for, the choice isn’t all that overwhelming after all.

Take Hints From Daily Life

You can take a lot of inspiration from your daily life when choosing the flooring for your home. Look at how many rooms you have in the house, how many people and pets you’ve got running around, what they do in the individual rooms. All of this can help you eliminate certain types of flooring.

For instance, if you’ve got children that are prone to spilling things while they’re watching TV, you can probably eliminate carpet from your living room. Your dog that roams around the kitchen, scratching the floor with its claws, probably indicates that you should get something more durable like laminate.

What Is the Room’s Function

When you start to dig into different room functions, you can glean a lot about which type of floor will thrive in which room. For bedrooms, people spend a lot of time sleeping, working, and relaxing, so a soft and warm carpet might be the best for that type of function. Family/living rooms are more where you spend time together as a family or with guests, so something inviting like hardwood or cork are popular options.

For bathrooms, it’s about having durable yet attractive floors; linoleum, tile, or vinyl are all great choices. Your home gym is going to take some punishment, so something extremely durable like rubber is the move. 

Take a look at each room and narrow your choices by matching the type of floor with the room function.

Integrating Floor and Decor

The flooring must fit within your master decor plan, but remember, your floor can help to set the mood. Choosing the right flooring colour can make all the difference in creating the right vibe for your room. 

A dining room with dark hardwood flooring can give the room a warm and cosy feeling, while a child’s bedroom with a light-coloured carpet can make things feel bright and cheerful.

Budget Wisely

Figure out your square footage budget and do a deep dive on how much each type of flooring costs. Anyone working on a budget understands that you’ve got to make some sacrifices, whether that’s going for the laminate over the hardwood in your kitchen so you can afford hardwood in your dining room or vice versa. Your budget can actually help you narrow down those tough decisions.

Work With a Great Flooring Installer

Our last piece of advice is to work with a great flooring installer for your home. At The Flooring Group, we’re London’s largest flooring retailer, family-run since 1973. Whatever type of flooring you need for your home or business, we can help you find it with our wide selection of hardwood, linoleum, cork carpet, and all the rest.

Visit our site to learn more about what we do and peruse our inventory, then contact us to talk more about your flooring options.