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How Flooring Can Make A Statement In-Store

WITH the retail sector remaining highly competitive and customers having instant access to products online, the physical shopping experience needs to be more engaging for customers than ever.
With this in mind, contractors must think carefully about how they can transform a store environment into an enjoyable experience at the time of specification. More so than ever, contractors need to inspire and take customers by surprise with engaging colours, designs and textures.
The right surface should be straight-forward to install and easy to maintain, helping to reduce disruption to daily trading. It must also strike the right tone aesthetically yet be durable enough to withstand heavy footfall.
Contractors should be looking to versatile and practical surfaces with endless design capabilities such as the emerging trend in retail spaces for luxury vinyl flooring (LVT).
Flexibility in flooring is a vital component from a design perspective to introduce zoning and guide end users around a retail space. A strong product portfolio should offer high design qualities and allow you to incorporate sweeping curves, rug effects and borders.
For example, contractors can move away from straight laying patterns and make a statement and add character with random panel and parquet designs such as herringbone, shaker style and block designs.
Colour and texture will always be an important decision. The right colour and design can help maintain the appearance of the floor in a harsh retail environment by disguising everyday dirt. Instead look to strike the right balance with colour, not too light or too dark.
As retail brands look to open stores on retail parks, contractors must look to surfaces which offer a bigger impact in large spaces. For example, this is where the trend for extra-large planks and tile formats can be used to make the most of big areas. We’re supporting contractors in achieving industrial and sealed concrete looks with distressed grey toned planks and tiles.
Durability is equally as important as the overall finished look under the pressure of daily trading in retail settings, especially in traffic hotspots such as doorways and queuing stations.
Choosing the correct wearlayer is essential to make sure a store does not look tired before its next refurbishment is due. For peace of mind that the floorcovering will stand the test of time in demanding retail spaces, contractors must look to products with a wearlayer of between 0.55mm and 0.7mm.
Cleaning and maintaining a floor is a big concern in any retail environment. Therefore a surface should be designed to look aesthetically appealing, but also make cleaning the floor as easy as possible.
Remember, a beautiful floor is a vital component and one of the most valuable commercial tools a retailer can invest in.
Caroline Mclaren is head of technical services for Karndean Designflooring

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