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How New Floors Can Improve Your Home

Whether you realize it or not, your flooring choices add value to your life as well as to your home. Conversely, they can cause you problems or exacerbate an undesirable situation. From color to comfort level, what’s underfoot affects your quality of life. Stop letting those floors off easy. It’s time to put them to work for you.

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Improve Your Mood. The effects of color are profound. Blues and greens pacify, reds and oranges perk us up. Use energizing colors in your bedroom if you struggle to get going in the morning. Peaceful shades of ocean and sky can help you unwind after a stressful commute. Don’t overlook the office. New studies show adding color to your work environment can improve your creativity (blue) or sharpen your focus (red). Look around your home. Are you awash in a sea of ecru? You may not be brave enough to go wall-to-wall orange, but carpet tile and area rugs can bring in enough color to provide the psychological boost you need.
Stay Warm. From rising oil prices to shrinking ice caps, it seems like everyone is looking to weatherize their homes to save money and the planet. Properly insulating your home can reduce your energy bills up to 30 percent, says the U.S. Department of Energy. Go ahead and replace those storm windows. Blow in attic insulation. But, don’t forget about your floors. Carpeting also provides a measure of insulation and warms the feel of a room, allowing you to turn back the thermostat dial a degree or two.
Reduce Allergens. According to the Mayo Clinic, you spend up to one-third of your life in your bedroom. Therefore the first place allergy and asthma sufferers should look to reduce indoor allergens is the bedroom floor. Hardwood or laminate flooring is best. If you must have carpet, choose one with a low profile. Schedule regular appointments to get it professionally steam cleaned.
Say ‘Ah.’ Nurses, teachers, retail workers–anyone who spends all day on their feet knows it does a number on your back. Why not give yourself the night off? If you’re looking to come home to a softer floor, wool or a high-quality nylon are be your best bets. Heavy pile weight, longer pile height, and a high-density carpet pad can all add to the ‘ah’ feeling you get when you walk through the door.
You might think that a recession is a terrible time to renovate. Not so, says the New York Times. With contractors suddenly available (some even willing to negotiate their prices) and sales on everything from carpeting to windows, it’s actually a great time to make basic, fundamental improvements to your living space.