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The Style Guide: How to Revamp Your Commercial Flooring

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The global flooring market is worth a staggering $359 billion. Interestingly, all indicators point toward further growth for this industry for the foreseeable future. So what does this mean for people looking to revamp their commercial flooring?

More options will be at your disposal, and you might benefit from fair pricing because of intense competition in the industry. As people return to the offices, you don’t want to welcome employees back with the same flooring materials.

Go for something that will spice things up to boost your workers’ morale. Here are some ideas that’ll help you revamp the office flooring.

Use Laminate Flooring

The pandemic took a toll on the finances of many businesses. So it’s understandable that you may be on a budget right now. Laminate flooring is a cost-effective commercial flooring option you should explore.

This flooring is water- and scratch-resistant. It replicates the aura of hardwood, tile, or stone flooring, and it’s very durable. Maintaining and cleaning this flooring option is quite simple, too.

Choose Natural Hardwood for Commercial Flooring

Natural wood is at the peak of the competition for flooring materials. Firstly, it’s a classic choice that effortlessly enhances the beauty of any space. At the same time, it’s also a timeless piece that will wow both your employees and clients.

Apart from the superior aesthetics, natural wood is durable and easy to maintain. Depending on your taste, you’ll get it in either traditional or modern design.

Don’t let the purchase value of this material rebuff you. In the end, you’ll get value for money.

Carpet Tiles for the Waiting Room

You’ll find carpet tiles in a wide array of innovative designs. This flooring material is suitable for spaces that have high foot traffic, like the waiting room or customer care area in business establishments.

Carpet tiles are among the best picks for an office revamp when it comes to sound insulation properties. The downside of carpet tiles is the difficulty in cleaning them.

Use Vinyl Plank Flooring for Retail Spaces

This flooring material boasts two essential qualities: affordability and durability. Vinyl plank flooring is a perfect fit for retail spaces because it can withstand high foot traffic. The fact that it’s water-resistant is an added advantage.

When you use vinyl plank flooring, you’ll need to clean it to maintain it regularly. The flooring has a softer feel in comparison to wooden or tile floors. Its superior acoustic performance makes it pleasurable for the clientele.

Vinyl Composite Tiles (VCT) for Medical Spaces

Many people associate this flooring material with sterilised spaces. Take advantage of this by installing it at a health facility or in areas of the business where people go for first-aid services.

VCTs can withstand heavy foot traffic because of their durability.

Choose the Office Flooring Based on Your Requirements

The choice of material for revamping the commercial flooring is dependent on many factors. These include the degree of aesthetics expected, the traffic in that area, and the maintenance need.

Figure out your needs first before settling on a material. Finding flooring materials that suit your taste shouldn’t be difficult, as the options are wide. Contact us now to place an order.