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How to Choose the Best Commercial Flooring For Your Office

Creating an office design that is both aesthetically pleasing and encourages productivity is a tricky business. So, if you’re trying to decide on commercial flooring for your office, it’s understandable if you’re struggling to decide what is best. 

We’ve got you covered. This guide will take you through important considerations for choosing commercial flooring so that you can make the best decision for your office. 

Flooring options for each room

First things first, you need to think about the best flooring materials for your business based on each room. If you have a reception area or lobby, this space is the first impression of your customers, stakeholders, and potential new employees. It needs to look good. 

While this space needs to be attractive, the flooring materials should be able to handle high amounts of foot traffic without showing wear and tear too quickly. While a carpet looks good, it can become grubby quite quickly. Wood finishes and luxury vinyl tiles are a good option for these rooms. 

Conference rooms are where all the important meetings take place, and the design and aesthetic should be impressive. As these rooms have less foot traffic, you can opt for design over durability. Luxury carpets and wood finishes are the best commercial flooring options for conference rooms. 

Lastly, kitchen and break rooms are prone to mess and spillages so you’ll want flooring that’s durable and easy to clean. Opt for Marmoleum flooring or ceramic tiles. 

Office flooring for noise insulation 

To create a productive and focused work environment in your office, noise insulation is important. You can achieve this by using carpet or carpet tiles. While carpet does well to drown out the noise, it can get dirty and grubby and is difficult to clean. 

Therefore, carpet tiles are a smart alternative. With carpet tiles, you can keep your office flooring neat and tidy by simply replacing the damaged or dirty tile, rather than the entire carpet.

This is cost-effective and allows you to jazz up your office space with the multiple colours and patterns that are available. 

Choosing laminate for an affordable yet classy look


Hardwood flooring is timeless, elegant and classy. It is the ideal commercial flooring when it comes to aesthetics. But it isn’t cost-effective, and hardwood is also expensive to maintain if there is moisture damage. 

If you’re after that classic look for your office space without breaking the bank, then laminate is the inexpensive alternative. The installation process is simple and easy and this material is very easy to maintain and clean and is extremely durable too. 

You can choose from various options including embossed laminate and wood grain laminate. It’s definitely one of the best commercial flooring choices.

The right commercial flooring service for you

Have you decided on the best commercial flooring for your office space? Remember to stick with the aesthetic of your office while choosing flooring that is suitable for the function of each room. 

The Flooring Group is here to help with all of your commercial flooring needs. We offer high-standard commercial flooring and expert installation. Contact our commercial division today to breathe new life into your office space.