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How to Choose the Best Safety Flooring for Your Commercial Space

What is safety flooring? You might not be surprised to know that it is a type of flooring intended to enhance safety, but how exactly does it do this?

The main constituent material in safety flooring is vinyl — with quartz, silicon carbide and aluminium oxides included in the mix.

Nonetheless, what safety benefits this flooring provides depends very much on the specific type of safety flooring. That’s why you need to choose carefully between the options — and answering the following questions can help you get closer to a decision.


What Slip Resistance Do You Need? 

As an employer, you are legally required to prevent floor slip hazards in your workplace. Conveniently, most floorings offered for commercial properties are handed a ‘slip rating’.  

This rating will be somewhere in the range of R9 (high slip risk) to R13 (low slip risk) — and you need to know which slip rating your workplace’s safety flooring must meet.

Safety flooring with the highest slip rating should be installed in areas where spillages are likely to occur, e.g. commercial kitchens and bars.


How Noisy is Your Workplace? 

Of course, some workplaces can be noticeably noisier than others — and the flooring you opt for can potentially add to that. In some instances, it could even create an unbearably uncomfortable environment for employees, customers, or clients.

For example, wheels clattering across a shop floor could irritate customers and put them off visiting that same store again. Similarly, a heavy forklift in motion at a manufacturing facility can risk making it noisier than what would be acceptable for onsite workers.


How is the Foot Traffic in Your Workplace? 

Naturally, the larger the foot traffic it gets, the higher the pressure that will be applied to its flooring — especially if heavy machinery is often used on it as well.

In this situation, it will be especially important for the safety flooring to be durable. Fortunately, Altro — the brand that originally invented safety flooring — offers it an especially high level of durability.


Which Safety Flooring Could Best Represent Your Company’s Image?

We have already mentioned one of the two main safety flooring brands. The other is Polysafe, with this name being used for safety flooring made by Polyfloor.

One of the key selling points of Polysafe flooring is its visually appealing design — and you can choose from a wide range of colours for it.

All in all, rest assured that you can source safety flooring in line with your company’s established brand image — as long as you are selective with what safety flooring you opt for.


Where Can You Order Safety Flooring? 

Here at The Flooring Group, we offer many different safety flooring solutions. We can install this type of flooring at commercial properties in Greater London and further afield in the South of England. If you would like to chat with us about what is available from our team, please ring 0207 6091234.