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How to Choose the Perfect Floor Covering for Your Home?

Are you seeking new flooring for a Chelsea home? If so, our Fulham & Chelsea floor covering company, The Flooring Group, has a showroom on Fulham Road, enabling you to peruse many different coverings to potentially choose from for your local residence.

However, in order to make the best decision, there is a wide array of factors to consider. Here are some examples of those factors, along with tips and tricks for giving each one the consideration it deserves.



Consider where in your home the flooring will be laid. Once you have decided on the flooring solution to use for the room, we will be able to produce it in the right dimensions for it to be slotted perfectly in the intended space. However, if that space is particularly small, you should consider floorings that make it look more spacious and more welcoming.



We offer flooring in various styles, including cork, rubber, and carpet. Still, be wary of opting for a flooring style that won’t aesthetically fit in with what is already in the room. To prevent an unsightly clash between the flooring and the rest of your space, ensure that it fits your existing style and furniture.

You can use your smartphone to take a photo of that space before you head down to our Fulham & Chelsea flooring showroom. That way, you will be able to show the photo to staff there, making it easier for them to recommend you flooring options that would visually suit.



Consider what will happen on that flooring. Do you anticipate kids regularly running across it? Are pets likely to leave a mess on it? On the other hand, is the space one that will rarely be used, like a spare bedroom?

Basically, you want flooring that will be able to physically hold up well against anything it is likely to be subjected to. Vinyl surfaces make sense in high-moisture areas like bathrooms, while hardwood laminate is, as a flooring that espouses class while remaining resistant to wear, ideal for living rooms.



Take into account the budget you have available to spend on domestic flooring. As you wander around our Fulham & Chelsea flooring showroom and run your gaze over not only various flooring options but also the price tags attached to them, you could spot opportunities to make financial savings.

For example, if you know that, after being fitted, the new flooring in the Chelsea property will be largely hidden by furniture or a rug, you might be willing to somewhat compromise on that flooring’s appearance in exchange for a lower asking price.


We Both Sell and Install Chelsea Flooring

This is no small boon, as we can achieve a delightfully tidy, professional-looking result in your local abode. You can arrange a free consultation with our Fulham and Chelsea flooring team by emailing