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How To Look After Artificial Grass

Looking after artificial grass might seem like a low-maintenance job, and it certainly can be, but there are still some chores you should be doing to keep your artificial lawn in the best condition possible. Most importantly, you must be aware of the best way to clean artificial grass. Artificial lawn cleaning keeps your outdoor space looking and feeling great for years to come.

Assuredly, we at The Flooring Group have years of experience in taking care of all kinds of flooring, which artificial grass comes under! For corporate properties with a vast outdoor landscape, or large residential estates, follow our advice, and your artificial lawn is sure to maintain its lush, neat and sophisticated appearance.

Brush your Artificial Grass

You don’t have to mow, trim or otherwise prune artificial grass. The handiest trick to learning how to clean artificial grass lies in regular brushing! You should be lightly brushing your artificial lawn once every week or so, and this allows you to remove any leaves or twigs that could otherwise reduce the quality of your new grass. It’s very important to be gentle here, as astroturf can be easily misshapen. Soft bristle brushes are best for the job, and you must brush in the opposite direction of the artificial grass. This keeps it looking lush, fluffy and clean.

Keep the Artificial Lawn Tidy

As we’ve briefly touched on above, removing any leaves, twigs or debris is absolutely essential in artificial lawn cleaning. You have to keep the artificial lawn tidy! If leaves start to decompose on your artificial grass, they will be even harder to remove, and could negatively impact the artificial fibres. In this case, the best way to clean artificial grass is with a leaf blower or garden vacuum; do not use a regular vacuum, as this will damage the lawn.

Act Quickly with Stains

Artificial grass, because it is synthetic, will tend to stain if you spill pigment on it – like ketchup at a barbeque, or wine during a romantic picnic. It’s important that you act quickly with these stains, as if they settle into your astroturf, good artificial lawn cleaning will become quite challenging.

Wipe up as much of the spillage as possible with a clean cloth, and if a mark remains, a mixture of washing up liquid and lukewarm water applied with a brush should mop up the rest. Rinse out the mixture with a blast from the hose, and all stains should disappear.

Use Water-Based Weed Killer

Although rare, weeds can push through your artificial grass. This is usually prevented by a textile membrane installed underneath the astroturf. But, if the worst happens, these pesky weeds can be removed with a spritz of normal weed killer – as long as it’s water-based! Water-based weed killer is less damaging to everything but weeds, and can also kill off moss.

You can use water-based weed killer as a preventative measure or as a treatment, if weeds have already appeared. A dab of weed killer here and there will go far in extending the life of your artificial lawn.