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Ice Bucket Challenge

A MAN says he was sacked by his company after helping a colleague with an ice bucket challenge. Phil Lucas was allegedly fired from his job as a warehouse supervisor for a supplier of furnishing goods in Wigan after being involved in the popular craze designed to help raise money for charity.
The company allegedly told him that his actions had amounted to gross misconduct and said his use of a black bin and a chair for the challenge ‘misused company resources’, which they said breached health and safety rules, according to a report by ACAS, the organisation dedicated to resolving workplace problems.
Phil, 40, was dismissed after company bosses saw the video of the challenge, which was filmed during a break at the warehouse where he worked.
The father-of-one, from Wigan, said he had apologised and was due to attend a disciplinary meeting. However, he said that the day before the meeting he was told to leave the premises.
He said: ‘I wanted to take part in the challenge because one of the lads was raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support.’
His former employer told ACAS that they had dealt with ‘an internal matter’ in an ‘appropriate’ manner.
Phil said he received a letter accusing him of gross misconduct. ‘I was supposed to attend a meeting the next day, but two hours into my night shift one of the managers told me I’d been sacked and had to leave the premises.
‘When I asked why, I was told it was for taking part in the ice bucket challenge.’
Phil, who appears in the video pouring a plastic bin of freezing water over a co-worker’s head, said he also did not understand why his two colleagues, who were also involved, had gone unpunished.
There have been a number of reports of injuries to people participating in the ice bucket challenge, including a teenager in America who was killed after the bucket fell on his head and broke his neck.

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