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Jim Coulson on quality control and third party quality assurance

A few months back (CFJ November 2014) , I wrote about the importance of quality control and, even more importantly, reliable, independent third party quality assurance. And I quoted the example of the TFT Diamond Mark as being used on flooring overlay plywood.
I feel that it is worth re-visiting and describing that ‘partnership’ in this article, because the combination of a well-motivated, quality-oriented producer and a discerning third party inspection regime, has now proved to be a market leader.
As a consultant, I need to keep my ear to the ground, so as to be aware of technical changes and market trends: and what I am hearing in the flooring market is that SP 101 plywood made in Indonesia has really been taken to heart by flooring professionals everywhere.
It is not the cheapest plywood you can buy (and I have warned in the past about certain ‘cheap’ products!); but it is proving itself to be extremely reliable and consistent in use, and that is no small thing when you’re trying to complete a contract on a fixed price. After all, the last thing you want is for problems to occur and to be called back to the job: because there goes your profit!
The great thing about the consistency and reliability of Diamond Marked SP 101 is that it is now trusted to deliver its performance: and users only have to look for the Diamond Mark to know that it’s the right thing for them.
It is now trusted and liked so much, that we get people ringing us up at our offices here in Ripon asking where they can buy ‘our’ Diamond Marked plywood when we don’t actually make it!
And then, when we are talking to the importers of SP 101, they are always telling us how incredibly popular it is with its users and those flooring professionals now won’t go back to using anything else.
Of course, it’s up to you to use what you like. Overall price will obviously play a part in your decisions. But in my book, ensuring ‘peace of mind’ more than offsets any difference in material costs and when you can have appropriate and fully independent third party quality assurance, coupled with a consistent, high quality product, what more could you want?
Jim Coulson FIMMM FFB is the director of TFT Woodexperts n T: 01765 601010

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