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In September 2015, Expect Bigger Flooring Show

London flooring contractors reveal, that the Flooring Show in Harrogate, which will be held in 20-22 September, will have a bigger floor plan. The reason is that more than 85% of the space has been sold six months in advance of the show dates. Learn more about the features of the show:

  • A huge success in 2014 had The Wool Trends Centre. London flooring contractors point that it will be situated by the Campaign for Wool and British Wool Marketing Board. London flooring experts explain, that the space will be enlarged too. Other manufactures here will be Brintons, Cavalier, Brockway, Adams, Axminster and Ulster.
  • London flooring specialists claim, that Victoria Carpets will appear with expanded stand in order to demonstrate full variety of products.
  • London flooring company points that Karndean has reserved a big stand in Hall C neighboring to the Trends Hub.
  • When it comes to brand new names, London flooring contractors explain, that after some years of absence, a few great names return to Harrogate. For example: Ryalux and Asiatic. In addition, some new names this year are Gooch, MagiGlide, Steiner and Malish.
  • London flooring experts explain that the famous demonstrations, directed and organised by NICF and FITA will also be back. Two separate demo spaces /in Hall B and Hall M/ will be formed, just as it was in 2014.
  • London flooring contractors claim, that as a result of great demanding, the comedy night will be back again. It will be held at the second night of the show – on Monday September 22.
  • It’s wonderful that the Society of British & International Design will perform a keynote seminar presentation on September 22.

London flooring experts remind, that Kenburn Waste Management had great success last year after presenting its carpet crusher. Its profits are explained in the new show website /, which is available with visitor registration.

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