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Flooring in industrial locations is subject to added stresses:

Altro says its AltroScreed Quartz EP resin flooring was laid in the new £55m engineering & computing building at Coventry University. The building includes a 2,000sq m £3m high-performance engineering centre, home to a Harrier Jump Jet aircraft, three flight simulators, the UK’s largest Cryogenic magnet, engine test cells for petrol- and electric-powered trains, and a leading precision measurement facility.

The floor was installed by Nottingham Industrial Flooring. Site co-ordinator, John Scott, said: ‘This was a complex job; we had to work on two floors with 20 doorways. The biggest challenge was keeping people from walking on the floors before they had set. This is essential because resin is quite porous and can pick up dirt easily before it’s dry.

‘Laying the resin floor was a five-day process per area, involving preparing the base floor, laying the resin mixed with quartz, leaving it to dry and then applying two coats of seal. We put down 3,600sq m overall and it took a team of four 34 days. We had two NVQ lads working with us, so it was as a steep learning curve for them.’

AltroScreed Quartz EP is a three-part, solvent-free system with blended decorative quartz bound with clear epoxy resin and finished with clear seal coats. The product is designed to provide a high-strength, chemically resistant, decorative floor surface that can be coved and laid to drainage falls. It is available in nominal thicknesses of 4-6mm and has moderate slip resistance.

Conren reports that its Dustguard has passed the tests for chemical resistance – BS EN 13529:2003 using Skydrol LD4.

Dustguard two-part epoxy coating is designed for use in all types of industrial locations, particularly workshops, hangars and factories and is said to withstand foot and vehicular traffic. The product is described as easy to apply with a roller or brush and comes in a wide range of colours.

Conren has been manufacturing and installing high performance epoxy and polyurethane coatings, screeds and waterproofing compounds for over 40 years.

Flowcrete supplied hygienic floor finishes, including Flowfresh, for a new production facility at McVities, Glasgow. Lines 14 and 19 at the plant include the latest in food production technology. McVities’ project engineering team specified Flowcrete products across almost 3,000sq m at the site.

Flowfresh RT was chosen for the main thoroughfares of Line 14, in an ochre and cream colour, giving McVities both a textured finish for slip resistance and a surface for easy maintenance and cleanability.

The smoother finish Flowfresh MF was applied in areas below Line 14 for ease of maintenance. In total, 1,628sq m of Flowfresh RT and MF were applied within this Line.

Flowfresh floor on Line 14 is supported by Flowcrete’s high strength screed, Isocrete Isopol. The old floor was excavated with various levels of existing floor finishes and screed removed before the floor was rebuilt and levelled using Isopol SBR. For Line 19, Hydraseal and Flowcrete HF were applied across 1,200sq m.
Both lines also used Flowcrete’s Hydraseal damp proof membrane.

The flooring installation on Line 14 was undertaken by Flowcrete approved contractors XL Industrial Resins, applying Flowfresh RT and MF, and Glenalmond Contracts installing the Isopol floor screed. The application at Line 19 was carried out by Veitchi Industrial Flooring (Scotland).

Flowfresh offers a system for food and drink production areas. The silver-ion based antimicrobial treatment Polygiene, said to be locked within Flowfresh’s resinous flooring material, is claimed to control up to 99.9% of bacterial microbes including salmonella, E-coli and many other types of bacteria and yeast on contact. The process reportedly remains active for the lifetime of the floor.

Instarmac brand Ultra Floor DPM IT is said to give contractors high quality, cost-effective solutions. The range comprises DPM IT one coat, DPM IT two coat and DPM IT A, all suitable for all surface preparation.

DPM IT one coat and two coat are solvent free, two-part epoxy resin systems, designed to cure within 18-24 hours to provide a waterproof surface membrane. The products are said to prevent the passage of moisture into subsequent layers, allowing early installations of floorcoverings. DPM IT one coat is pigmented blue whereas two coat is red to allow users to visually control coverage uniformity. DPM IT A is a damp proof membrane additive, designed for use with DPM IT one coat and two coat. As an accelerant, it reportedly reduces curing times to only three hours after application, allowing for early installation of levelling compounds, vinyls, carpets and other products.

Mapei has extended its Mapefloor System range with new Mapefloor I 302 SL two-part epoxy coating suitable for resin type self-levelling floors.

The product is solvent and nonylphenol-free and is reputedly suitable for the food industry providing a smooth surface.
Described as abrasion and chemical resistant, it can reportedly be used as a paint or a high build coating, with quartz added to provide a low slip surface. Any of the 19 standard colours of Mapei Mapecolor Paste can be used.

Mapefloor I 302 SL is a FeRFA type 3 floor coating for chemical and pharmaceutical industries, the food industry, automated laboratories and warehouses, aseptic areas and shopping centres.

All Mapefloor systems are designed to offer benefits including good abrasion resistance, a strong bond to most substrates and easy maintenance, while also providing decorative surfaces. The durable, dust-free resin surface reportedly offers versatility.

Permaban Signature armoured joint was chosen to protect the new Aerotron warehouse in Crawley, near Gatwick Airport. The company, which supplies components for civil and military aircraft, extended its facilities, adding over 3500sq m to its warehouse, including full-height storage and a mezzanine area.
Keith Branscombe, of industrial flooring specialist Steyson Granolithic, sub-contracted to install the concrete floor, approached Permaban to supply the AlphaJoint (the company’s traditional-style armoured joint), or Signature. On presenting both options, Aerotron chose Signature.

Although AlphaJoint has been established in joint armouring for many years, Signature is distinctly different in both its appearance and approach to joint protection.

When a materials handling vehicle crosses a joint with parallel steel top strips (such as AlphaJoint) at 90deg, the wheels momentarily drop between the two straight edges, causing an impact on the joint and the vehicle. That impact can result in premature wear to the vehicle, and potentially also damage to the joint area.
Signature’s half-hexagon shape creates a ‘disruptive face’ and therefore wheels cannot drop between the two sides: The wheel is always in contact with the concrete. This allows the vehicle to pass smoothly over, regardless of the angle of approach, without causing impact or damage, significantly reducing maintenance bills.

Installing Signature reportedly also means the warehouse layout need never be dictated by the position of the floor joints, as vehicles can move smoothly around the entire area, in any direction.

As Signature is a relatively new product, Steyson Granolithic had not installed it before. Therefore Permaban’s technical engineer provided support throughout, attending on site during the pour.

The floor was constructed with a large-area floor pour. Signature was installed first, using pins; then steel fabric was laid, before pumping the concrete into position. The floor was levelled by hand to achieve a flatness tolerance of FM3.

Because Signature also acts as leave-in-place formwork, concrete could be pumped on both sides of the joint simultaneously, saving time on site.

PPC (Preparation Group) is the sole agent for Terrco Inc in the UK and Ireland. Terrco grinding and polishing machines are designed to produce a durable, maintenance free surface for power floated concrete floors. The machines have contra-rotating heads for precision and uniformity. The machines are said to move with the operator to provide optimum results.

It is a multi-step process, with the operator progressing from coarse to fine diamond grits. Following remedial, a typical first step is to lightly grind using a head with 40 grit metal bonded diamond segments, followed by a series of steps, finishing with a polishing action using a 400-800 grit segment.

After grinding, but before polishing, a liquid chemical densifier/hardener is applied. This solidifies the surface and provides extra protection from water penetration.

The densifier reacts with the calcium hydroxide in the concrete to form a hard, crystalline structure.
As the Terrco machines have a multi-head drive system, the diamonds are said to cut randomly over a large surface area, resulting in flatter floors and no linear tracking marks.

Dirt, oils and forklift truck marks reportedly do not adhere and the process is also said to solve problems involving sealers and water vapour transmission. Polishing can also achieve a highly reflective finish.
Tracey Glew, The Preparation Group md says: ‘In addition to preparing concrete, the machines offer a cost effective method of grinding and polishing terrazzo, granite, marble and natural stone and for removing rubberised compounds, latex, adhesives and coatings.’

PSR Industrial Flooring completed a contract to make the floors in the London Olympics 2012 International Broadcast Centre [IBC] suitable for use as office space.

During the Games, the IBC housed 20,000 broadcasters, photographers and journalists, bringing the Olympics and Paralympics to 4bn people worldwide.

PSR Industrial Flooring had to return 46,000sq m of floor space to a rejuvenated state ready to receive further coverings. The project started mid-November and had a specified six week timescale.
The floors were taken back using high performance HTC planetary grinders powered by LPG generators, claimed to be 99% dust-free and emitting water vapour as opposed to other toxic fumes.

Paul Radley, md of PSR Industrial Flooring, said: ‘We used colossal amounts of diamond tools and epoxy resins to bring the flooring back to its original glory. We had 12 engineers working around the clock, seven days a week. As a result we handed over the project two days early’.

PSR reports year on year growth since starting in 2007. The company now has 14 full-time employees and plans to expand into larger premises and diversify into ship decking systems, while extending its decorative flooring offer, including stone carpet.

Paul concludes: ‘We have invested heavily in high-performance equipment and are one of very few companies who use LPG generators. This allows us to offer clients a quality environmentally friendly flooring finish at competitive prices.

‘We have worked for Olympic sponsor Coca Cola on various flooring projects, including a warehouse at the Olympic Park containing food and beverage for the Games.’

Resdev products were applied by specialist resin contractor and 2011 FeRFA award winner UltraSyntec in a new manufacturing facility for Boxford Machine Tools.

Supplier of lathes and CNC machines for over 60 years, Boxford built a ‘centre of excellence’ for fabrication, component machining, CNC control, electronics and software under one roof with clearly marked bays and traffic areas.

Using Pumashield medium viscosity epoxy resin coating, manufactured by Resdev, UltraSyntec laid out the bay marking and walkways to co-exist with the innovative movement sensitive lighting system and overhead automated cranes.

In defined and contrasting red, green and grey sections, the coating was applied on top of Resdev’s Pumaprime DPM, solvent-free liquid applied damp proof membrane and residual moisture suppressant.
The seamless finish is described as cost effective and offering excellent abrasion and chemical resistance.

Sika supplied 400sq m of Sikafloor High Impact Metallic Screed (HIMS) designed to provide resistance to mechanical impact, chemical attack and protection from the strains of supporting 40 tonne heavy machinery at the new £3m Scottish headquarters of Liebherr, an international heavy machinery maker.

The project comprised 825sq m of office space and 1,175sq m factory floor. A fast to apply and hard-wearing flooring was required for two main factory bays.

Specialist contractor J & D Solutions, delivered the project within a 10 day timeframe. As Sikafloor HIMS was to be set into the centre of the concrete slab, the contractor first had to reduce the concrete levels within the specified area to 12mm and fit new edges before applying the product onto the existing slab.

Created by mixing Sika resin with a titanium alloy and supplied to site pre-bagged, the high performance system reportedly ensured a resistant surface to withstand constant foot and wheeled traffic, as well as cranes and hydraulic excavators.

Sika also offers a range of concrete and resin flooring solutions for both new build and refurbishment. Targeting high wear applications like warehouses and manufacturing facilities, Sika’s flooring range has been designed with performance and durability in mind.

TPS360 says it supplies ‘surfaces for all purposes’. Resin flooring specialist TPS360 reports that it has supplied floors for ‘trains, planes and automobiles (and fire engines) as well as well as providing solutions across a wide range of industries, demonstrating the versatility of resin flooring.

Director Darren Watkins believes the company’s success has been helped by commitment and investment in training its operatives to the highest standards in workmanship and in health and safety, supported by a strong and committed management team.

Employees Bruce Allen, and Lloyd Thomas recently qualified with FeRFA (The Resin Flooring Association) and Ian Shanahan is undertaking the same course, as part of the company’s commitment to its workforce development programme.
During the Christmas period TPS360 worked around the clock in a small window of available time to install a first class SL floor system with covings to a new clean room installation, praised by staff at the site for ‘providing an excellent solution, with a professional team leaving the site clean and tidy on completion’.
Watco has launched Concrex Flex, a new version of its well established epoxy repair mortar, for concrete areas subject to movement and vibrations.

Described as easy-to-apply, long lasting and virtually indestructible, Concrex Flex is said to be unlike any other repair mortars. Formulated to enable movement, it is designed to be an extremely strong, flexible epoxy mortar for repairing damaged expansion joints, ramps or concrete areas around vibrating machinery.

As all other Concrex products, Concrex Flex requires no water, and is claimed to be quicker drying and eight times tougher than concrete. It can also be feather-edged to zero, which means the smooth finish will not chip away, and can be painted over if required.

Concrex Flex is reportedly ready for use in minutes. Simply mix the Concrex resin with the curing agent and apply to a clean, dust-free floor.

Once mixed, it reportedly has a 30 minute working time and is ready for heavy traffic in 8-12 hours at 20degC.

WerkMaster Ultra Floor Systems is a leading Canadian manufacturer and supplier of concrete surface preparation equipment, stone, terrazzo and polished concrete equipment as well as hardwood floor refinishing machines.

WerkMaster reports being chosen ahead of 20 other concrete grinder manufacturers by Line-X Protective Coatings for its Aspart-X Flooring Solutions.

Aspart-X is designed to provide ultraviolet (UV) protection that does not yellow or fade; will cure in all weather conditions; has a fast cure speed and offers excellent abrasion and chemical resistance for garage floors, patios, decks and countless commercial and industrial flooring applications.

Line-X contracted the University of Alabama to do an independent study of over 20 concrete grinder manufacturers, reports Brian Wilson, president of WerkMaster.

The criteria included: ease of operation; grinding close to the wall; ease of loading and unloading from a trailer; ease of changing diamonds; ability to flatten a floor or follow floor contour; cost of diamond tooling; production rate; electrical requirements; and overall performance.

Following the evaluation, WerkMaster’s Viper was named the leading grinder, scoring 4.2 out of a possible 5 points with its closest competitor scoring 3.2 points.

WerkMaster’s Octi-Disc technology was evaluated to deliver a superior scratch pattern, providing maximum adhesion allowing Line-X to offer a five year limited warranty on its installations.

‘We are constantly looking for ways to improve our technology,’ adds Brian Wilson. ‘Our goal is to provide the best possible solution to our customers.

WerkMaster describes its countertop tools as seven machines in one, including edger, polisher, grinder, buffer, burnisher, sander and stripper that edges to within 1/8th in or 3mm of the wall. CFJ

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