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Install Hardwoods The Next Day?

Maybe you’ve been tempted by dealers or installers needing work who claim your hardwood flooring can be installed the next day, or after you sign on the dotted line. What’s the big deal you think. Hey, I’m ready to go. Sure beats waiting for three weeks like some of those other companies are saying.

What these folks either don’t understand or don’t care about is how the floor will perform after installation. One of the single most important aspects of how hardwood Maple flooringperforms is a direct result of pre-installation conditions. This is particularly important with genuine solid flooring while engineered flooring allows a bit more flexibility (see more below). Let’s use some examples.

Customer A – Has contractors all over the house including some drywall finishers on the opposite end. Moisture related tradesman should be called in prior to installing hardwood flooring. This not only includes the drywall guys but plumbers, painters, and tile setters to name a few. Without stable conditions within the environment your new flooring has not reached a satisfactory equilibrium point; or one that will be important to maintain.

About those other tradesman. They can also be notorious for not caring in the least. From splattering drywall mud all over laid out maple hardwood flooring (photo right) to electricians that can’t keep track of loose screws that inevitably get stepped on and scratch your new flooring before you have a chance to marvel at it. Folks, if it has to be done next week, expect some headaches along the way.

As far as that moisture content. All wood floors will undergo a process of expanding and contracting. That company advertising next day installations may have their flooring stored in a warehouse under sweltering hot and humid conditions. When it gets to your house with considerably different temperatures and relative humidity only one thing is certain. Once it dries out the flooring will shrink. This could be a matter of months before the problems begin.

Some manufacturers that produce engineered flooring claim acclimation or getting the hardwood adjusted to your living conditions is not necessary. It’s a confusing world out there, or one that installers are often confused with. For instance if one company says no acclimation and another requires it, what’s a person to do? Our opinion; play it safe to avoid complications that can occur after the flooring company has long cashed your check. Taking shortcuts, or rushing work generally results in having to call in a hardwood floor repair guy.