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Installing Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles provide an attractive and economical floor covering. Available in a variety of colors, textures, and patterns, carpet tile is a versatile choice for home decor. Unlike wall-to-wall carpeting, you can easily install (and replace) carpet tiles. Here are tips to successfully install your carpet tile.

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Pay Attention to Pile
Like other types of carpeting, carpet tiles are constructed so that the pile goes in one direction. It’s important to orient all of your carpet tiles in the same direction or your floor may have an unintended multi textural effect! The back of each tile is marked with an arrow; make sure all of the arrows are facing in the same direction. This provides a uniform appearance that resembles one large piece of carpet.

Layout: Getting a Good Start
Rooms may not be perfectly square; it’s important to start laying carpet tiles along the straightest wall in the room. Like dominos, the first tile can affect all the rest. It’s essential to seat the first tile carefully and snugly against baseboards. Carefully line up each subsequent tile; sloppy placement of tiles displaces those that follow.

Don’t Cut to the Chase
Precise measuring and cutting can make the difference between a professional looking job and a mish-mash of carpet tiles. Measuring twice and cutting once is definitely good advice for trimming carpet tiles. Use a sharp utility knife and change the blade when needed. Clearly mark cutting lines on the back of carpet tiles. Cutting with one stroke can help prevent jagged edges.

Finishing Touches”
You need to vacuum your new carpet and give it a chance to “settle” before it looks its best. With careful installation and vacuuming, lines should not be readily visible between tiles. Follow manufacturer’s guidelines to maintain and clean carpet tiles; this helps keep your carpet looking its best. Keep some extra carpet tiles on hand so that you can replace damaged and stained tiles.