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Installing New Carpet

New carpeting is a significant investment, and professional installation may be required to preserve a manufacturer’s warranty. Understanding carpet installation can help you prepare for and facilitate proper installation.

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Preparing for Carpet Installation: Before Installers Arrive
There are a number of things you can do to get ready for the big day.

Safety first: Plan to stay home when your carpet is being installed. Arrange to keep kids and pets away from the installation area, avoid entering the work area, and beware of tools and other hazards. Open windows or use air conditioning for ventilation.
Your furniture: Remove all furniture from areas where carpet is to be installed.
Damage to woodwork: Baseboards and molding may need to be removed; if you do this before the installers arrive, it can save you time and money. Most installation agreements don’t cover damage to wood trim, so plan on retouching your woodwork after carpet installation is complete.
Old carpet removal: Removing old carpet ahead of time allows you to check your sub-flooring before new carpet is installed. Damaged sub-flooring should be professionally replaced prior to installing new carpet; “out of sight, out of mind” is a bad idea when addressing inferior sub-flooring! Leaving the area broom clean can also help the installers.
After Installation is Completed
There are also a number of things you want to check once your carpet has been installed.

Door clearance: Check to make sure that doors close properly. It’s a good idea to factor the cost of having doors professionally adjusted into your new carpet budget. Carpet installation service agreements typically don’t cover adjusting doors.
Carpet disposal: Check your service agreement to make sure you receive carpet remnants and that disposal of your old carpet is included.
Final inspection: It’s normal for new carpet to shed, and it may take a few days before your new carpet looks its best. Before the installers leave, carefully inspect and address any concerns with your carpet installer. And, if you discover problems later, call your installation company immediately
Planning and preparation can help ensure successful carpet installation!