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Interior Design: How to Take Your Flooring Into Account


Let’s talk about flooring, the unsung hero of any well-designed room. The right flooring offers obvious utility as well as style and comfort. So as you make an interior design plan, don’t overlook the flooring!

This guide will help you pick the right flooring for each room so that you can focus on all the other details!

Types of Flooring

Not familiar with all the different types of flooring materials you can choose from? Here are some of the most popular types of flooring on the market:

  • Wood (solid and engineered)
  • Vinyl
  • Tile
  • Carpet
  • Laminate

Think about how each of these flooring options would or would not work for a specific room. For example, carpet might be great for the living room but not for the bathroom because it’s too hard to sanitize. Below you will find the best choices for flooring based on the type of room you are designing.

Living Room Flooring

Solid wood is one of the most popular choices for living room flooring because it looks clean and sophisticated. It can also add value to your home! Solid wood has a durable finish to protect from stains and scratches.

If you are looking to spend less money on living room flooring, consider engineered wood as well. Engineered wood can also be used for commercial spaces to enhance the aesthetic for a reasonable price.

Carpet is another good choice for a living room if you want something comfortable and warm. Carpet softens sounds and keeps rooms warmer. However, carpet is much harder to clean which is why it’s not great for pets and young kids.

Bathroom Flooring

Your bathroom flooring needs to be easy to clean because of how many germs there are in the room. Porcelain tile is a good option for a bathroom. It’s easy to clean, affordable, and durable. 

Vinyl flooring is another great choice. Vinyl is easy and affordable to install and it lasts a long time. It’s also waterproof which is perfect for outside the shower or tub.

Kitchen Flooring

In many homes and commercial spaces, the kitchen is the most frequently visited room. Therefore, kitchen floors have to be able to withstand everything from dirty shoes to messy food spills. Much like the bathroom, porcelain tile and vinyl are probably the best choices for kitchen flooring.

If you have a laundry room or mudroom, porcelain tile and vinyl are also good options for those rooms.

Designing From Floor to Ceiling

The type of flooring you choose should depend on what activities people do in that room. Rooms that need frequent floor cleaning should be tile or vinyl while living spaces can also be solid wood or engineered wood. For warmth, comfort, and sound absorption you can consider carpet too.

Of course, price is always a consideration too. Our team is available to help you choose the best flooring in your budget. Call us at 0207 609 1234 or browse our site for more information.