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Jacaranda Carpets

The Flooring Group has a long-term partnership with Jacaranda Carpets, selling their luxury carpets to customers.

We love handmade textures as well as natural colours and materials. We buy what we like. We take pride in being innovative and different. Above all, we believe that we can provide carpets, rugs and runners; using ethical and environmentally sound production practices, without compromise to quality, design or style.
We love handmade textures…
At Jacaranda we believe that our carpets are genuinely interesting because of their textures. We admire the slight quirkiness and irregularity that can only be handmade. From our chunky boucles and bold stripes to our smooth, dense, luxurious Heavy Velvet; our carpets and rugs are warm, textural and tactile, but never boring.
Natural Materials…
We hand-knot Himalayan rugs from pure Chinese silk or wool sourced from the high plateaux of Tibet. We weave carpets from high quality New Zealand wool, but also from undyed wools chosen from around the globe for their natural colours. We stitch rugs from leather hide and we are able to border our wool rugs in cotton, linen, leather or suede.
Natural colours…
We love the range and subtlety of natural hues, their ability to make a statement or to fit naturally into a wide range of interiors, both contemporary and traditional. They can look stylish but timeless. They are easy to live with too.
Ethical production…
Many of our products are handmade not mass produced, these floor coverings are woven on traditional wooden looms that require no electricity or are knotted by hand. We weave mainly from pure wool and natural fibres, which we leave undyed where possible. We visit our manufacturers regularly, and all our rug suppliers are Goodweave registered and inspected.

Jacaranda’s broadloom carpets are stocked in 4 or 5m widths and are available as cut lengths or full rolls. Most broadloom textures are available as made-to-measure rugs too. Jacaranda’s wall-to-wall floorcovering range splits neatly into 3 groups:
Hand-Woven Carpets
The largest of our carpet collections. These distinctive and characterful textures can be created only on traditional, hand-operated wooden looms, where they are woven from natural (often undyed) wool or Viscose.
Fine Loomed Carpets
A small but growing group of carpets, chosen for their fine, quality textures or environmental credentials. Our Natural Weave broadloom is 97% recyclable and GUT registered.
Leather Wall-to-Wall
This link will take you to our collection of rugs stitched from real leather hide, backed with thick wool felt. All these rug designs can be made unbordered, to any size for fitting as wall-to-wall ‘carpet’.

Jacaranda stocks a selection of hand-woven and leather rugs in several standard sizes. All stocked rugs can be made-to-measure too. Jacaranda’s Himalayan Hand-knotted range is designed to give our customers complete freedom to choose Jacaranda’s designs in their own colours or to create their own designs. All Jacaranda’s rug production is Goodweave registered and inspected as a guarantee of ethical production practices.
Hand-Woven Rugs
From bordered rugs in natural tones to our chunky, boucle, Pebbles – the rugs in this range are hand-woven from pure wool. The exceptions are our Silken Shaggy and Lustre rugs, both popular for their lustrous, luxurious sheen. All are stocked in several standard sizes and offered as bespoke rugs too.
Bespoke Wool Rugs
Customers can order any design from Jacaranda’s Hand-Woven rug collection to be made to their own dimensions, and can mix and match tones within certain ranges.
Blind Hemmed or Bordered Rugs
Alternatively you can choose any texture from Jacaranda’s broadloom carpet range and ask for it to be blind hemmed, or bordered in leather, suede, cotton or linen.
Leather Rugs
Jacaranda’s leather rugs are stitched from real leather hide, with a thick wool felt backing. We hold 10 styles in stock, with many further designs offered made-to-measure.
Himalayan Hand-Knotted Rugs
This range really does offer you, the customer, the opportunity to be as creative as you wish. Each rug is individually knotted the Tibetan way, from Chinese silk and Tibetan wool. All are made to order, to our design or yours. Jacaranda offers a colour matching service for their Himalayan Rugs.

At Jacaranda we aim to offer carpets and rugs of real character, so as our portfolio has grown, we have moved towards natural materials woven by traditional methods. We believe that it is these labour intensive processes that actually create our ‘characterful’ textures and wonderful, natural colour bank.
What are these processes?
All the floorcoverings labelled hand-woven have been created on traditional wooden looms. These need no electricity with the weavers manually moving the wooden frames and the shuttle to interweave the yarn over thin metal ‘rods’. When removed these rods create a ‘loop’ as seen in designs such as Abha, or are cut and hand sheared into ‘Velvet’. All our hand-woven designs are backed with latex to secure the pile, then checked and hand-finished.
Jacaranda’s Natural Weave is our only range of machine woven broadloom and this we have included for its superb environmental credentials.
Jacaranda’s Himalayan rugs are hand-knotted using traditional Tibetan rug making techniques. Here the weavers sit at a fixed loom, following by eye the pattern fixed to the frame above, and creating each and every knot by hand. This is an extremely labourious process, creating just 10cm of rug per day, but the quality and longevity of these rugs are superb.
Why natural fibres?
We believe that pure wool still makes the best carpets. The elasticity of good quality wool gives excellent resilience and wear properties. Its fibres are covered in a thin membrane which inhibits water penetration, so providing natural stain resistance. Wool is naturally flame retardant. It holds less ‘static’ than most synthetic yarns so does not attract dust, or promote the growth of dust mites or bacteria.
At Jacaranda we often receive compliments such as ”we love the naturalness of your colours” or ”you have just the right tones”. In great part this is due to our natural, undyed wool products. We are able to offer such a wide range of ‘undyed’ colours by sourcing different wools from around the world. Dyes often create pollution in producer countries, another reason why we like to work with undyed yarn.
This year we have added to the viscose broadlooms in our range, see Simla. Viscose is in fact a natural fibre spun from cellulose. Viscose is not as hard-wearing or stain resistant as wool, but it does give a dramatic silk-like sheen, at a fraction of the price of the pure Chinese silk that we hand-knot into our Himalayan rugs.
Please check that handmade floorcoverings are right for you or your client
We choose to use labour intensive processes and natural fibres to reduce the environmental impact of our carpet production. We believe also, that they are responsible for our ‘characterful’ textures and beautiful, natural colours. We love the slight quirkiness that can only be handmade.
However these handmade characteristics so highly valued by many, do not appeal to all. Hand-weaving and hand-knotting cannot and do not set out to mirror the uniformity of ‘machine made’ carpet. Those wanting a perfectly uniform finish should consider something machine woven such as Natural Weave.
At Jacaranda we take quality control very seriously, and each roll and rug is checked and rechecked to make sure that it falls within industry tollerances. However slight variations in colour and weave are inevitable and part of their ‘handmade’ character rather than faults. Natural fibres may fade over time, especially if exposed to strong light.

acaranda supplies broadloom carpets, rugs and runners to retailers and interior designers. If you are a trade customer please contact our office for orders and quotes. If you are a consumer do please make contact too, as we can put you in touch with one of our trade customers in your local area.
When choosing your carpet, please consider the following:

Colour matching
Jacaranda can colour match the Himalayan hand-knotted rugs. We can also colour match the Heavy Velvet Broadlooms for orders over 50m2
Colours can be matched to the swatches within Jacaranda’s Colour Book or to fabrics, paint samples or pantones. There is a small ‘matching charge’ so that Jacaranda can provide colour swatches for customer approval. Production times for colour matched products are 3 months on average, but Jacaranda will confirm lead time and price for each individual order.
Pets and Pulled Loops
Cats and dogs can ‘pull’ loops in loop-pile or cut & loop carpets. Owners of very ‘active’ pets could consider one of Jacaranda’s cut-pile designs instead.
Pile Reversal
All velvet carpets may occasionally show pile reversal. This is a natural phenomenon where local conditions where a carpet is laid, cause sections of carpet pile to change direction, so reflecting the light differently. Despite a great deal of research, no common manufacturing process has been found to cause pile reversal so it is not a manufacturing fault. Pile reversal may change appearance but will not affect wear.
Natural fibres will fade over time and this may be accelerated by exposure to strong light. Natural undyed colours may fade more than dyed ones. This should be taken into consideration when choosing carpets for areas that experience strong light or direct sunlight.

At point of order:

Stock Reservation
Jacaranda is happy to reserve stock for 48 hours.
Size Tolerance
While every effort is made to manufacture to the correct size, slight variations are unavoidable and natural fibres can shrink as they move to a different climate. For broadloom we advise that the customer order 3% more length than is required. Hand-woven rug sizes may vary by up to 2.5% and Himalayan by up to 5%.
Colour Variation
As with all natural products, colours may vary slightly between production batches. Please state at time of order where carpet cuts are to adjoin, so ensuring that those cuts are supplied from the same colour batch. The colour of samples may also change over time especially if exposed to strong sunlight. If an exact colour match is essential, please reserve stock and ask Jacaranda to send a cutting from that batch, we will be happy to oblige.

Regular care:
Vacuum regularly with a cylinder type vaccum cleaner.
For an overall clean:
We recommend ‘dry extraction’ rather than ‘wet clean’ methods and this is particularly important for viscose products.
Dealing with spillages or potential stains:
Blot dry quickly with soft paper, rubbing can damage pile. For wool carpets only, add a small quantity of clean, cold water and dab dry. Do not wet viscose products. For stubborn stains consult a carpet cleaning specialist.
Cleaning products:
Before using any chemical, please test first on a small/hidden area of carpet as some treatments are more aggressive than others. For information on safe cleaning products or companies, first consult your distributor or retailer, or visit
Stain protection treatments:
Jacaranda does not recommend the application of stain inhibiting treatments to their carpets. Apart from leading to a false sense of security, the shedding normal to new wool carpets may reduce the effectiveness of such treatments in heavy traffic areas. These areas then change colour faster than lighter traffic areas where the ‘protection’ remains.
All pure wool cut-pile carpets will shed fibres when new, from where the wool has been cut to create the pile. This shedding is normal. It can be removed with a vacuum cleaner. It will soon cease and will not affect the appearance or durability of the carpet.
Caring for leather:
Jacaranda’s ‘hair-on’ leather rugs should be cleaned regularly with a soft brush. The ‘hair-free’ leather rugs should be vacuumed regularly and any minor scratches removed by the application of leather moisturiser.