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Our service to you

As Europe’s leading manufacturer of real solid pre finished hardwood flooring we specialize in supplying floors for both large and small projects in the sports, commercial and residential segments all over the UK and Ireland.

We are UK based and have 11 full time technically qualified Area Sales Managers along with a full time office based technical department to help you make the right decision on specifying the correct hardwood floor.
Our approved flooring contractor scheme allows us to fully guarantee not only the manufacture of the flooring system but the installation and maintenance as well. Contact us for further details.

Junckers Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Junckers Industrier A/S and has been in the UK for 50 years. Over this time we have supplied over 5,000.000m² of flooring for projects, both large and small. This gives us the confidence in been able to offer and stand behind 25 year warranties on major projects.

Based in Witham in Essex we can supply samples, brochures and full technical information on the specification, installation and maintenance of our flooring and we have a number of distributors, stockists and Approved Flooring Contractors all over the UK.
Junckers offers 4 RIBA Accredited Core Curriculum CPDs and 1 BIID Approved CPD
Contact us for further information 01376 534700

Case Studies

Oil and Lacquer Case Studies

Flannels, Manchester
Hardman Fold Schoold, Failsworthl
Royal West of England Academy
Dundee International Sports Centre (DISC)
Heathrow Terminal 3

Flooring Case Studies

BBC Auditorium Cardiff
Oasis Academy
Crystal Palace, london
The Place, London
Heritage centre Gateshead
Wigmore Hall, London
Wimbledon Museum, London
University of Essex, Colchester
HBOS, Edinburgh
Peugeot garages
Heathrow Terminal 3
MOD Loughborough
Commonwealth Games 2002, Manchester
Crawley Leisure centre
Museum of London.
Central School of Music and Dance, London
Putney Wharf apartments, London.
Millfield School
The SAGE, Gateshead
University of Liverpool
Handball arena, London Olympics
Agnews Art gallery, London
Welsh Institute of Sport, Cardiff
Atkis art gallery, London
Stanley Gibbons stamp shop, London
St David’s shopping centre, Cardiff


Junckers is FSC and PEFC Certified. Most of our production is from wood sourced under PEFC Certification chain of custody guidelines.

14mm and 22mm Junckers Solid hardwood flooring boards are A+ rated in the Green Guide to Specification.

Human rights and anti-corruption

In addition to employee rights, human rights in a company perspective are about a healthy and safe working environment. In Denmark, these areas are widely governed by legislation and collective agreements; but we also want to act in accordance with high ethic standards and respect laws and cultures outside Denmark.

We are against corruption, blackmail and bribery which must not be offered, promised, given, accepted, tolerated, demanded or consciously benefited from.

Environment, Energy, Timber and Products

At Junckers, the work within environment, energy and working environment was intensified from approximately 1998. This was done in recognition of the fact that being located in the middle of Køge, we were responsible for not causing unnecessary inconvenience for neighbours or the immediate environment. Junckers was certified within environment and working environment and has since then worked systematically with environmental improvements, energy savings and better working environment for our employees. Most recently we achieved the right to sell wood floors of FSC- and PEFC-certified timber – another step towards increased sustainability and better environment.

In a global world it is, however, no longer enough for a major company only to improve itself continuously on a local level. Thus Junckers also wants, wherever it is possible and relevant and both by ourselves or by our subsidiaries, to influence customers, suppliers and the local community to focus on initiatives that contribute to ensure legal and sustainable forestry and consequently sustainable products, more effective energy utilization and good working conditions in accordance with UN’s Global Compact principles.

You can read more about our certifications by clicking here


As for the environment, Junckers is certified according to ISO 14001. Additionally, the environmental management system also comprises areas such as energy, safety in connection with electrical work (SKS) and sustainable timber (FSC and PEFC).

Junckers prepares an annual environmental impact statement to, among other purposes, assess the stage of the efforts to reach the environmental targets set in the previous year. The environmental statement complies with the requirements laid down in the EMAS standard and is audited externally according to this standard.

Our most significant, potential, local environmental impacts are wood dust, waste water and noise. As extensive facilities to purify air discharge and waste water have been established over the years, the environmental impacts have today been minimised, and Junckers meets regulatory requirements with an ample margin. The environmental impacts are measured regularly as part of observing the Company’s environmental approval.

Energy and CO2

Junckers is an energy-intensive industry using substantial volumes of energy for the drying and processing of wood. The energy primarily comprises steam and electricity. The steam is supplied to the company by the neighbour – a wood-fired CHP plant to which Junckers’ residual wood (sawdust, wood chips, saw-cut log ends and other residual wood from the production) is supplied. All transport of wood and steam takes place in closed pipe systems and the two enterprises are thus in a kind of energy symbiosis. Additionally, the CHP plant produces electricity which is supplied to the public electricity grid from which Junckers’ electricity is bought.

Information about energy consumption and CO2 emission is available in the environmental impact statement and begins when the timber is fetched in the forest, through production and until it is placed in the warehouse as finished products. The energy consumption relating to the carriage of materials, internal transport, employee car use, carriage of products and energy for the actual production process is included in Junckers’ CO2 accounts.

Wood is considered as CO2 neutral material because the wood has accumulated the same volume of CO2 during its growth as it releases by incineration. The incineration of our residual wood in the wood-fired CHP plant releases more energy than we can consume; as mentioned above, the energy surplus is used to produce CO2 neutral electricity for the society. Sale of biofuel from Junckers is also to the advantage of society’s CO2 accounts.

Because of our large volume of residual wood we generate a large CO2 surplus to the advantage of society. Related to the Company’s floor production this is a CO2 surplus of more than 20 kgs/m².

Certified timber

About 2/3 of our purchase of timber logs come from certified forests in Denmark, Germany, Poland and Sweden. The forests are certified according to the internationally recognised certification schemes FSC and PEFC. In general, we work consciously and actively on increasing the share of certified timber.

The remaining logs come from uncertificated forests in the same countries where legal and sensible forestry is, however, ensured by the national legislation in itself.

Since 2006 Junckers is CoC (CoC = Chain of Custody) certified and, therefore, entitled to sell products which are certified according to the PEFC scheme (certificate no. 183285) and since 2010 also according to the FSC scheme (BV-COC-001400 and BV-CW-001400).

For trading products, which today account for less than 5% of Junckers’ revenue and are purchased globally, it is our aim to increase the share of suppliers which are certified. Already now Junckers only buys trading products of wood which has, as a minimum, as a minimum, meet the requirements of EU’s timber legislation.

(CE marking, indoor climate, etc)

Junckers solid hardwood floors are produced without using insecticides, ie PCP (pentachlorfenol), or laminating adhesives. This ensures that hazardous materials such as volatile organic compounds are not discharged into the air. Since our floors do not harbour dust, it is possible to create and maintain a healthy indoor climate – ideal for people suffering from allergies.

Since 1 March 2009 all our floors are CE marked. This implies that the floors must comply with certain common EU standards relating to eg fire resistance, environment (release of chemical substances), compressive strength, friction and reflection of light for sports floors.

For lacquers and oils we comply with REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of Chemicals), and our lacquered and oiled floors comply with the demands to the Danish Indoor Climate Labelling; by the way Junckers was the first manufacturer in Denmark to achieve this approval from the Danish Technological Institute.