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Karelia Wood Flooring

The Flooring Group is delighted to announce that it can supply only or supply & install Karelia Wood Flooring to customers.

Below is how Karelia Wood Flooring describe themselves;

About Karelia

Throughout the centuries, hardwood has been the natural choice wherever a floor has needed durability, longevity and an individual appearance.

Quality and value of home and hearth have always been the hallmark of a wooden floor. Indeed, this timeless appeal makes a real hardwood floor the perfect complement to a modern home. Their elegance and convenience have made Karelia hardwood floors a material of choice not only for private residences, but also for numerous well-known public premises.


Karelia has strong roots in Finland.

Manufacturing of resilient coverings begins in Nokia. Production expands in 1960s to include public spaces’ resilient mats and flexible vinyl mats.

Karelia Parketti begins from Parkettiliike Väänänen Oy, founded by Heikki Väänänen to engage in hardwood flooring installation, wholesale and imports.

Tuupovaara hardwood flooring factory acquired by Karelia Parketti Oy. Production of hardwood flooring with Karelia trademark begins in 1992.

Kuopio factory completed.

Karelia Parketti Oy and Upofloor Oy merge to form Karelia Yhtymä group.

Hartwall family becomes majority shareholder of Karelia Yhtymä Oy (Hartwall family 63.3%, Heikki Väänänen’s family 33.4%, external board members and operative management 3.3%).

Karelia-Upofloor started production in Romania.

Karelia-Upofloor’s subsidiary, Focus Wood, started parquet production in Russia.

Hartwall Capital Oy Ab buys the Karelia Upofloor Oy shares owned by Heikki Väänänen’s family. After the acquisition Hartwall Capital and its stakeholders own ninetynine percent of the group.

Merger of Karelia-Upofloor and the Swedish company AB Gustaf Kähr. The majority owner Triton and the second largest owner Hartwall Capital.


Hardwood floors with roots.

Through all times, the people of the North have held the forest and its gifts in high esteem. Finnish folklore has always been intertwined with nature, and the art of treating wood is a tradition honoured to this day. The Karelia brand stands for uncompromising quality, professionalism and responsible care for nature and the forest. True to the principles of its founders, the company manufactures Finnish hardwood floors with pride.

Karelia hardwood floors are made of real wood. Each floor is an individual work of art with its own personality, telling its own unique story. Your home deserves quality you can rely on.


Installing hardwood flooring is easy!

When installing a hardwood floor, make sure you have all the necessary tools and give due consideration to the other conditions important to installation: the floor should be level and the ambient temperature at the right level.

Both the Karelia Profiloc hardwood floors and the tongue-and groove flooring glued around the edges are easy to install. The floor is ready for use immediately after installation and requires no further treatment since the surface is prefinished at the factory.
Before installation make sure that the subfloor is clean, dry and level. The relative humidity of concrete floors must be under 85 %. Check that the floor surface is level with e.g. a ruler or a straight floorboard: – max 3 mm deviation allowed over a length of 2000 mm. Where necessary level out the subfloor, using a good quality levelling compound.

Prior to installation remove any dirt and dust from the subfloor. Roll out a strip of the underlay on top of the subfloor, leaving a narrow gap (appr. 5 mm) between the underlay and the wall.

Tuplex underlayment is installed onto the subfloor according to the roll’s unfolding direction, face-down. Tuplex can easily be cut with for example a stanley knife. Be careful that you don’t damage the materials underneath, such as under floor heating systems.

The parallel strips are joined together with the plastic overlap, by turning the plastic onto the previous strip (by width of the overlap, about 20 cm). The successive strips can also be taped together if so wished, but it is not obligatory. Taping helps keeping the underlayment in place during hardwood floor installation. Make sure that the Tuplex strips are tightly adjoined and the plastic overlap firmly on top of the seam. When moving on top of the underlayment, avoid puncturing and denting of the Tuplex.

Hardwood floor underlayment

Karelia Tuplex is a new generation underlay for hardwood flooring. Tuplex is made out of two layers of solid polythene with flexible polystyrene granules between the layers.
This structure makes Karelia Tuplex a clean, durable and lightweight material that is easy to handle and install, even in confined spaces. Tuplex also provides a highly effective double moisture barrier against subfloor humidity, obviating in most cases the need for a separate moisture barrier.

Levels out subfloor
Flexible construction helps smooth out any minor irregularities of the subfloor and provides an ideal base for hardwood flooring.

Tuplex’s granular composition creates space between the floorboards and the subfloor, allowing for efficient ventilation.

Moisture barrier
The two-ply polyethene film of Tuplex makes it a highly effective double moisture barrier. In most cases there is no need for a separate moisture barrier. A test report is available form the manufacturer.

Sound insulation
Tuplex underlay combined with any commonly used intermediate floor construction meets the requirements pertaining to impact sound insulation in intermediate floors. Because of its high flexibility and resilience, its sound insulation properties will never wear out. A test report is available from the manufacturer.

Easy Installation
Laying the hardwood flooring is one of the final phases of interior decoration. At this point the room is usually full of recently finished surfaces which must be protected against dirt and dents. Karelia Tuplex is a clean, durable lightweight material that is easy to handle and install, even in confined spaces.


If properly cared for, a hardwood floor has a long service life.

The best way to keep your hardwood floor in good condition is to stop dirt at the door by using mats and preventing scratching by means of felt pads under the furniture. To clean the floor, you only need to wipe it with a damp hardwood floor mop. A drop of neutral cleanser or conditioner/cleanser used for oiled hardwood is added to the washing water. Keep in mind, however, that it’s only natural for life to leave its marks on a hardwood floor, adding character. Many people actually find this to be the best quality of a hardwood floor – and the reason to acquire one.