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Keep In Touch With The Latest Innovations When It Comes To Floor Maintenance!

London flooring contractors conclude that when people opt for a sealant, the most important feature is stain proofing capacity. In addition safety and eco advantages are also important. As a customer you should be also aware of the other profits, delivered by contemporary treatments. Learn more:

  • Actually most people are led by the adopted habits. London flooring contractors say that clients find a reliable brand and they just stick to it. However, contemporary market provides various options and perhaps customers may find a better product in competitive London flooring company.
  • Usually water-based products and solvents are preferred, because they provide good quality. London flooring contractors remind, that there are also other accessible and efficient water-based treatments. According to London flooring experts water-based productions are great when it comes to environment and safety. Unlike solvents for instance, these products can be used when there is residual dampness. They will not only save you lots of money, but they will also speed up the performance.
  • London flooring specialists point, that advantageous and high productivity treatments may also raise the specification options. For instance, London flooring contractors show non-slip dirtiness barriers such as Fila Stop Dirt. Thanks to them unpolished and textured porcelain becomes appropriate for high traffic zones, because it becomes simple to take care of.
  • What about sealants which ensure a final appearance, that looks wet? London flooring contractors claim, that they are appropriate for installation under BBQ’s areas, near kitchens, on driveways. The reason is that grease becomes very easy to be wiped off the surface. London flooring experts mention that if you have access to a whole arsenal of various treatments, different materials may be applied in zones, where beforehand they may not have been appropriate.
  • London flooring contractors advise that before installing any kind of sealant or impregnator, workers must ensure that the flooring surface is perfectly cleaned. Applying the sealant as fast as possible saves time on site and saves cash, but the consequences may be awful.
  • In case the flooring is superficially cleaned and there are filth and grout residues, the result will be poor. London flooring experts explain that dust will be sealed under the product and the floor will become patchy. Using high-quality sealant and preparing the surface for the application are essential factors for success. Otherwise, London flooring specialists may have to perform a costly sealant removal work.
  • In case of resealing, London flooring contractors must check what kind of sealant has been applied initially – if it was solvent based or water based. After that, experts have to use appropriate London flooring solution for removing it without ruining the substrate.

After eliminating the sealant, the surface must be cleaned in details and then resealed once again with better product, delivering some extra profits.

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