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Commercial Flooring News

Kenmont Primary School Hall

The contract division has successfully completed the installation of a new floor covering to the first floor hall of the school. The client chose school colours for the carpet Emerald Green.

The sub floor preparation was key to a trouble free installation. The uplift of the existing flooring including damaged hardboard was cleared away and disposed of then new sub floor latex screed was applied to ensure the finished product reflected a smooth flat surface. Once fully dried the new carpet was fitted on time and within budget. The client is highly delighted with the result and welcomed our interest in publishing the installation.

The brief : Existing carpet had to be lifted and removed from site and a new sub floor prepared ready for a new floor covering to be installed within a limited period prior to the new term.
Completion: A high performance latex screed was installed on the surface of the concrete sub floor. Then a new carpet was installed well within the time allowed.