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Kingsmead Carpets

Kingsmead Carpets

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Welcome to our website. If you are looking for inspiration for a new carpet, sourcing a retailer or want to find out how to look after it you have come to the right place.

All our British Wool products are 80/20 twist piles available in 4m and 5m allowing you the flexibility and choice in a variety of colours. From calm neutrals to vibrant bolds, we have a carpet to suit any room and style at an affordable price. If you are after a piece of Scottish heritage try our Glen Shee range that is 100% British made using an exclusive blend of specially selected fleece wools from the varied terrain of Scotland.

Our exciting new WOW (Wool Owners Warranty) initiative allows all our wool carpets to carry a warranty to ensure that they look as clean as the day they were fitted.

If you are after a luxurious feel, try our Luxurious Saxonies, the long pile provides a soft and sumptuous feeling underfoot which are easy to clean and feature our “Everlon” polypropylene fibre. Our Wolltec ranges utilize this innovative new fibre which looks just like wool but carries a “lifetime stain warranty”.

We hope you enjoy visiting our site. Once you have found the carpet that suits your needs, let us send you a sample and/or advise you of your closest retailer. Feel free to contact us for more information.

About Us

Established for over 40 years, Kingsmead began manufacturing carpets in the Ayrshire town of New Cumnock, building a reputation for making quality products at affordable prices to be sold throughout the UK and beyond.

In the early days Kingsmead marketed products made from synthetic fibres in the volume sector of the market. However with their high standards of quality control, customers encouraged them to move into the wool market and the 80% wool 20% synthetic mix now represents two thirds of the total product sales and Kingsmead is a proud licensee of the British Wool Marketing Board.

The British Carpet manufacturing industry has undergone troubled times over the past 30 years but the name Kingsmead has survived through several changes of ownership and has been revitalised since it came to its new home in Staffordshire in 2004.

Our products are sold through a selection of independent carpet specialists from all over the United Kingdom and Ireland. We offer our retailers unrivalled service in stock control and delivery to enable them to offer you top class service.

Choose your Kingsmead Carpet with confidence.

Shortlisted for the House Beautiful Awards and the SBID International Design Awards 2014.


For day to day cleaning, the use of a vacuum cleaner is recommended. Professional cleaning is recommended to prolong the life of the carpet.

In the event of a spillage:

Loose dirt should be removed with a vacuum cleaner
Dried in dirt can be removed using the back of a knife or similar object and then removed as in (1)
Blot up any liquids using absorbent white cloth or kitchen towel. If necessary, dilute using lukewarm clean water and blot again.
For further advice about dealing with spills, removing stains, and to find a local carpet cleaner, you may wish to contact the National Carpet Cleaners Association (

Selected ranges offer a wear and stain seal guarantee of up to 15 years, depending on the quality of carpet chosen.

15 year warranty for Snowdonia, Superb
10 year warranty for Genius, Malvern, Silk Centenary, Silk Supreme, Superb
7 year warranty for Brecon, Genius, Marvel, Miracle, Silk Sensations, Superb, Virtuoso
5 year warranty for Enjoyment, Genius, Ridgeway
7, 10 & 15 year wear warranty for Vitronic Berber
Kingsmead Carpets are now offering the Wool Owner’s Warranty ‘WOW’, a warranty and maintenance programme to keep your carpet spotless and looking beautiful all the time.