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London Flooring Contractors Are Hit By Skills Crisis And Increased Prices

In this article we will pay attention on the latest NSCC State of Trade Survey covering the fourth quarter of 2014. What does really happen? The growth of the construction industry is continuing. This leads to serious skills shortages – with 43% of flooring and also other specialist contractors. According to London flooring experts it becomes more and more difficult to recruit skillful personnel. Learn more:

  • According to professional London flooring companies this recruitment problem remains at its highest level for 10 years up to now.
  • London flooring specialists point also the late payment, because approximately 20% of London flooring contractors wait more than 2 months to receive their payment. However, a great number of London flooring contractors profit from the increased prices. If we want to be precise, the survey proves that 44% of London flooring contractors have increased their prices, compared to only 11% who decreased their prices during the same period of time.
  • London flooring specialists conclude that the balance of tender prices (which shows the difference between respondents, reporting an augmentation and decrease in costs) is the highest since late 2006 (those pre-recession days). The reason for all that is the combination of the rising price of materials; the augmented demand. Actually 82% of London flooring contractors announce a growth in suppliers’ prices in the last quarter.
  • Let’s see what the chief executive Suzannah Nichol of NSCC said. The higher rates and the increasing workloads are considered good news for London flooring contractors. However, the difficulty in finding excellent London flooring specialists reflects the so called skills crisis in the London flooring industry.

We may conclude that the only way to guarantee continued growth in the London flooring sector is to make sustainable investments in high-quality trainings and apprenticeships.

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