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Long-term Flooring Solution in The Popular Culpeper Public House in Spitalfields, London

Client: Culpeper Public House in Spitalfields, London


The Flooring Group were called in to provide a long-term solution for a small and busy restaurant kitchen in the popular Culpeper Public House in Spitalfields, London.

The Kitchen is on a 1st floor in a period building with wooden joist flooring which flexes under the weight of the kitchen furniture and the natural hot-cold cycle found in these environments. Due to this context the Vinyl had split at the seams and water ingress had led to failure of the floor.

The Flooring Group specified BASF 1324 – a seamless and flexible Polyurethane flooring product. This product is excellent in terms of wear and is also extremely flexible and tolerant to heat and floor cleaning chemicals.

The flooring also incorporates 50mm high skirting which essentially tanks the room allowing for spillages and leaks to be contained indefinitely. This makes for a long-term solution for the Culpeper.