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Louis De Poortere

The Flooring Group has had a long-term partnership with Louis De Poortere, who supply luxury carpets to retailers such as ourselves.

Benefits of Louis de Poortere carpets

Group de Poortere has acquired worldwide reputation as manufacturer of the most beautiful woven velvets for carpets and fabrics.

The group has the largest vertically integrated wilton production of the industry:
» own spinning
» own dying
» own weaving
» own confection
» own logistical platform
» strong procedures for incoming raw materials and outgoing finished goods

What does Louis de Poortere stand for?
» Heritage is based on talents of Flemish weavers
» A longstanding tradition -established over 100 years ago
» A desire for progress
» Quality and creativity
» Innovation and technology
Benefits of Louis de Poortere Carpets
» Specialists in producing authentic woven Wilton carpets
» Use the finest 100% pure new wool yarns for the ultimate in luxury.
» Woven to exacting manufacturing standards using the finest quality raw materials.
» Using 2ply and 3 ply yarns for extra resilience.
» Focussed on sustainability, with products developed to be 100% biodegradable.

authentic woven wilton
Why buy carpet?
There is nothing quite like woven carpet to add comfort, warmth and character to a room. A carpet will transform an interior in a way that no other single item of furniture can, yet will often cost less and last longer!
» Noise reduction
carpet cushions impact noise aiding relaxation and improving ambiance

» Dust trapping
carpeted rooms have better air quality than rooms with hard flooring.
Carpet traps dust in the pile until removed by vacuuming.
Wool carpets also show air quality improvement through lower VOC’s and improved
humidity control.

» Energy saving
carpets not only create the feeling of warmth they actually
help retain heat in a room by acting like a thermal insulator.

» Environmental impact
woven carpets consume 60% less non-renewable resources in manufacturing than
other types of carpet.Wool, jute and cotton are renewable resources.

Why buy a woven carpet?
When buying a carpet it is important to buy a product equal to the task, avoiding early replacement and ensuring value for money.

Woven carpets have three distinct advantages:
» 1. Appearance Retention
» 2. Dynamic Stability
» 3. Precision of Texture

» The interlocking warp threads (lengthwise) and weft threads (crosswise) are produced in such a way that the tufts of carpet yarn are secured between them row by row.

» The backing and surface are created together during weaving making the carpet dimensionally stable.

» The manufacturing process produces a very precise texture which is difficult to emulate in tufted carpets

Wilton Weaving.
» Plain or single-frame Wilton comes from the traditional “Warp and Weft” weaving process.

» It is generally considered the most ‘authentic’ and ‘prestigious’ of all weaving processes.

» A traditional Wilton weave carpet is one in which the pile threads run continuously into the carpet and are raised above the surface of the integral backing by means of wires or hooks.

» As the backing is being woven, pile yarns are introduced lengthways, (that is, from the warp direction) and looped over wires inserted across (weft direction) the weaving machine.

» A patterned effect in a combination of cut and loop rows may be created and enhanced by using stippled or multi-coloured yarn combination.

Woven using Pure New Wool and the benefits.
» Excellent resilience – it recovers well from shoe and furniture pressure

» Resists soiling and cleans easily

» Naturally flame retardant

» Excellent appearance retention – natural ‘springiness’

» Improves indoor air quality – wool absorbs and neutralises air pollutants

» Good colour dye absorption – carpets have rich, clear colouration

» Luxurious appearance – and good looks that last!

» Good moisture buffering and electrostatic properties

Wool – Change to a Safer and Healthier Environment.
» Renewable
» Sustainable
» Biodegradable
» Low carbon impact
» Energy efficient

» Flame resistant
» UV protection
» Static electricity reduction
» High thermal resistance

» Breathable
» Humidity Control
» Low allergy
» Toxic chemical absorption
» Sound reduction

Wool is a natural fibre for the world we live in today with a true ‘green’ lineage