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Maintain Your Natural Stone Floor In Excellent Condition!

When London flooring contractors consider natural stone variants for commercial specification, slate is often preferred. As main reason London flooring companies point its non-slip and riven surface. After slate, London flooring experts choose limestone, because of its various and light coloration and its remarkable fossil deposits. Actually, during the last years, stone as a whole is preferred and used in the commercial sector. Learn more:

  • No matter that demanding and ordering of natural stone floorings have increased, some people still have doubts and preconceptions about usage of natural stone in commercial areas.
  • London flooring specialists reveal that prejudices are based on stain resistance and maintenance of the floorings. There are data for appearance of scratches and dull appearance of the flooring. London flooring contractors explain that these are due to inappropriate or insufficient maintenance.
  • There are London flooring solutions, that are simple and inexpensive – for instance sealing. When the right product is applied, a long-term protection is provided. London flooring contractors provide 2 options for floor protection: sealer and impregnator. Sealers remain on the surface of the tiles and make a defensive film. On the other side, impregnators are absorbed into the pores of the stone. As a result, London flooring experts reveal that the surface becomes breathable.
  • If the artificial or natural stone surface is not sealed or impregnated, then spilled water is absorbed along with any colourings or contaminants.
  • Before sealing the surface, the flooring needs to be deeply cleaned with appropriate detergent in order to eliminate any grout, adhesive or filth. London flooring contractors remind, that sealing over these substances may result in poor final outcome.
  • It’s great that stone floors may be restored unlike many other floor surfaces. There is a big variety of products accessible, that may sanitise and eliminate stains. London flooring experts remind, that there are stones which are more sensitive than others, so it’s always good to rely on professional advice and assistance.
  • London flooring specialists advise to count on high-quality pH-neutral liquid soaps with good coverage rates. General household cleaning detergents must be avoided, because they will remove the sealer and the surface will remain unprotected and vulnerable for stains.

We may conclude that natural stone is not only beautiful, but practical floor covering. It must be maintained and sealed properly and everything will be fine.

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