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Many Workers Unhappy

THE attitudes of employees in the UK to their jobs, revealed in a survey, should be a cause of concern to employers. Many say they are unhappy and would leave tomorrow, given the choice.
Nearly 40% of full-time workers in the UK would change jobs tomorrow if they could, says an employee engagement study titled The Science of Engagement by PR agency Weber Shandwick.
It concludes that the poor levels of workplace commitment stems primarily from employees feeling unappreciated.
According to the research, only 35% of employees feel valued by their employers, and the majority of those surveyed said they were dissatisfied with their jobs overall.
Interestingly, the low workplace moral has little to do with age or industries.
The results found little variation in engagement across age groups, with 18-25 year-olds marginally more engaged than older employees.
Those working in science, technology, engineering and maths were the most engaged, only slightly ahead from those in financial services, who ranked lowest in the employee engagement score.
‘People need to feel valued if they are to even start engaging with the brand they work for,’ said one of the report’s authors.
The report identified six critical drivers that can make or break employee engagement:
1. Associations: Employers need to create positive memories among employees and to generate pride.
2. Desire: Employers that offer highly desirable places to work, or desirable products and services, can tap this set of emotions.
3. Enhancement: Employers that educate their employees, inspire them, and prompt them to think differently are employers with high engagement.
4. Integrity: Integrity is about honesty and commitment. Employees who believe their employers keep their promises are among the most engaged.
5. Meaning: Employers that make a meaningful contribution to society or give their employees a personal sense of purpose are employers who trigger the ‘meaning’ driver.
6. Respect: Employers who employees feel are widely respected are more likely to have an engaged workforce.
The sample size for the research was 1,152 adults (18 to 65-year-olds) who work at least 30 hours a week for an entity other than themselves or their own family, with at least 500 employees.

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