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Commercial Flooring News


We are very serious about marketing the company to best effect. Enquiries are still being created through the advertising routes traditionally taken like Yell. The emphasis has changed in recent times with the advent of social media. The company has opted to work the new media by posting links to the web site from personnel profiles on linkedin. This option enables the use of a blog and this becomes the vehicle for the monthly newsletter and this is coupled with the use of Twitter to draw interest.

Traditional mail shots play an important part as does direct mail and drop shots. This is a regular activity with our company and a must to generate new enquiries. Our aim is to achieve word of mouth recommendation and this is the most successful by far.

The tried and tested ‘pick up the phone and speak to a prospect’, is still successfully used. Although, cold calling can be very frustrating, as business managers are fielding calls and unwilling to take calls from unknowns. Nothing new here but it has got more difficult. The key is devote some time to it.

The newly created contract division web site, a site within the existing group site, has presented new challenges. It seems that Google does not recognise the new pages until people start landing on the site. Catch 22, how do you get people to look at your site if they don’t know its there? It seems spending a princely sum every month will buy you a shortcut to media exposure but in reality the links you make through your social media and suppliers have a spidering effect. The down side is it takes time.

Networking is a very effective way to get known. I have recently joined the local Chamber of Commerce and attend a breakfast club. Not only is this enjoyable but also introduces new contacts to the business. This is a two-way street, become actively interested in other local businesses and this will create the trust needed.