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Matching The Carpet To Your Needs

To choose the best carpet for your needs, first arm yourself with the right information.

Facility profile: The first step is to clearly define the specific requirements of the facility. Some things to consider include:

Type of facility and specific area receiving new carpet
How long the carpet will be used (life cycle)
Types of dirt that may be tracked into the facility
Whether the area is a remodeled or a new installation
Whether access to subfloor is required
Whether there is modular furniture in the space
Location profile: To maximize performance, you first must also determine where the carpet is going to go.

Below are some location-specific questions to ask:

On a typical day, will there be spills and stains or dirt tracked into the building? If so, what type of spills? Food stains? Coffee or chemical spills?
What will the frequency of spills be? Excessive? Occasional?
What about moisture? Do you need a moisture permeable or impermiable backing?
Is there exposure to harsh chemicals, intense sunlight or atmospheric contaminants (such as nitrous oxides or ozone)?
Will there be lots of foot traffic? Wheelchairs? Supply carts?
The Right Carpet for Any Environment

Today’s carpet offers you a wide variety of choices in style, fiber composition and color, whether you are specifying broadloom or tile for a corporate office, school and public space or purchasing an area rug for a boutique hotel. New technology can produce multilevel loop and cut-loop patterns, allowing diamond, bow, pin dot, fleur-de-lis or other designs.

Carpet can give personality to a workplace, ranging from formal to bold. In hospitality settings, it can provide directional clues to move people to the registration areas or elevators. In healthcare settings, carpet can be soothing and emotionally healing. It can quiet a computer lab in schools. In retail, carpet can compliment merchandise displays.

For more information, download the CRI Model Specification for Commercial Carpet. PDF(PDF 1.02 MB)

To match the best carpet to the proper end-use, you should consider:

Carpet Construction
Dyeing and Color Selection
Size Options
Quality and Performance Requirements
Sound Absorption