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A variety of flooring is used in hospitality and leisure areas:

CMS Danskin Accoustics providesa range of acoustic flooring products boasting green credentials. Regupol acoustic underlayments are made from recycled materials, are 100% recyclable and offer Zero GWP (Global Warming Potential) and Zero ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential). This, the company states, doesn’t compromise the quality and effectiveness of these products which provide soundproofing performance that not only meets but often exceeds the demands of Part E for both impact and airborne noise, subject to the overall mass of the floor being compatible.

Regupol E48 screed isolation, Regupol 4515 acoustic underlayment and Regupol 6010SH heavy duty acoustic material are all said to offer additional benefits: quick and easy installation, resistance to ageing and deformation, exceptional performance under high point loads, minimal creep and are suitable for use with underfloor heating systems. All these have been subjected to rigorous independent laboratory testing to ensure performance in-situ.

F ila has introduced a Green Line surface care range, including 17 products, from pre-grouting protectors and surface cleaners, to protection and stain removal solutions. Each formulation is said to provide high performance whilst protecting natural surfaces and ensuring safe application. New LEED-compliant, water-based products include pre-grouting protector PRW 200, stain-proofing W68 and water-proofer, HP98.

Said to protect absorbent surfaces before and during grout application, PRW 200 is designed for terracotta, quarry tiles, natural stone and agglomerates. The VOC-free formulation reportedly provides surface protection and easy cleaning, without altering appearance or affecting grout adhesion.

New W68 is a stain-proofing protector designed for internal and external use, including porous surfaces. The non film-forming, water-based product is said to seal and protect without altering appearance. Meanwhile, HP98 reportedly protects against water both internally and externally, penetrating natural stone and terracotta without forming a film or altering appearance, and is suitable for use on frost-resistant tiles.
Outdoors, HP98 is said to prevent efflorescence and wear caused by atmospheric agents. Its water-based composition is described as fast drying and can be applied to damp surfaces.

Gerflor claimsthatits Mipolam Symbioz flooring is the only abrasion group T flooring to combine the lowest weight for a 2mm homogeneous product. It is described as a bio-based plasticiser made from 100% organic sources with 40 times lower VOC emissions than European standards. Mipolam Symbioz boasts Gerflor’s Evercare, a patented treatment, which surfaces the product with micro-structured polymer layers textured by cross- laser technology. This is said to provide stain and chemical resistance and gives 30% savings, on average, on maintenance costs as no wax or polish is required during the product’s lifetime and 15% less detergent and water is used (compared to a non-treated floor).

The product is described as a highly flexible homogeneous compacted sheet flooring providing resistance to wear in high traffic areas. Said to weigh 20% less than standard homogeneous products, it features a non-directional design incorporating coloured chips to ensure an even colour throughout the thickness.

Mipolam Symbioz is said to contain over 75% sustainable or renewable raw materials with its bio-based plasticiser made of residues from cereals such as wheat and corn. All raw materials are available within 350km of the production site and 100% of post manufacturing waste is recycled into new products.
At the end of its life, the product is 100% recyclable. As part of Gerflor’s sustainable development policy, it is manufactured in the first floorcovering plant having triple certification: ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14 001 (environment) and OHSAS 18001 (safety).

Heckmondwike is endorsing Styccobond F40 adhesive as the eco-friendly installation partner to its Supacord and Broadrib fibre bonded carpet ranges.

Produced by F Ball and Co, Styccobond F40 is a synthetic polymer emulsion adhesive which creates a peelable bond that allows carpets to be easily removed and replaced at the end of their lifespan.

The peelable bond is designed to minimise contamination of the carpet by the subfloor, allowing used Supacord or Broadrib to be recycled– an added sustainable bonus for products that already achieve an A+ BRE Global Rating for reducing environmental impact.

With a dual bond system, Styccobond F40 is a solvent free, water-based adhesive said to dry to form a transparent, permanently tacky coating. At the end of its wear life, the carpet can be lifted with minimum disruption to the subfloor, speeding up installation and increasing the opportunities for recycling or reuse.

IDS saysitsTuscanwood flooring has first class environmental and warranty credentials. The entire Tuscan engineered flooring range is 100% FSC certified – the internationally recognised standard guaranteeing
that the timber is harvested from responsibly managed forests.

Tuscan also fully vets all suppliers of timber used within its products to ensure sustainability at every level. Also, a new tree is also planted for every Tuscan pack of flooring sold, as part of a renewable forestry programme. The Elite engineered range is constructed from oak throughout with at least 75% of the oak in its base from recycled oak off cuts.

TheTuscanportfolionowhas47 flooring effects in total, subdivided into 19 solid wood, 12 engineered wood and the 16 new effects in Elite. There is a choice of plank widths, brushed, lacquered and handscraped finishes.

InstaFloor saysitsInstalay Peel & Stick self-adhesive underlays are made from rubber crumb granules recovered from worn truck and car tyres. It also uses a latex bonding agent rather than polyurethane. As it is illegal within Europe to send worn tyres to landfill, this is an environmentally friendly way of re-using these tyres to produce a ‘cradle to cradle’

product that can be recycled repeatedlywithoutlosingintegrity or quality or being ‘down-cycled’ to ultimately become waste, says the company.

Every 1000sq m of InstaLay recycles around 66 truck tyres or 400 car tyres. The product’s rubber crumb is said to produce a high performance underlay that is durable and non-collapsing, with 100% rebound. It is also said to have good acoustic properties, be suitable for underfloor heating and speed up installation of wood, carpet, carpet tiles, sheet vinyl and LVTs.

Interface hasunveiled Fotosfera, its first commercial carpet tile made from bio-based nylon yarn, reportedly moving the companyclosertozerovirginraw materials. Its Mission Zero quest is to eliminate its impact on the environment by 2020. Fotosfera comprises an exclusive yarn made from castor plant oil from rural communities. This is in line with Interface’s strategy to reduce its reliance on virgin petro-chemical raw materials and deliver strong environmental and socio-economic benefits.

Castor oil is produced from plants that are fast growing, therefore readily renewable, resilient and exceptionally low-maintenance. Some 70% of the world’s castor oil plants are grown in India, in hot, arid conditions where they require water as little as every 25 days. The plants are an important source of additional income for rural farmers, often fetching revenue over 10 times what it costs to start the crop. Castor oil plants grow in land unsuitable for other food production, in areas prone to erosion acting as an excellent soil stabiliser.
Fotosfera comes in two designs – Structured and Micro – both in eight co-ordinating colourways. Including 63% bio-based content, the products benefit from some of Interface’s Cool Carpet carbon neutral service and the glue-less installation method TacTiles as standard, further reducing the product’s environmental impact.

K ä h r s has launched what it claims is a world-first range of wood floors produced as part of the first FSC-Fairtrade certified timber, small scale forestry project in Chile’s Curacautin Valley.

Kährs’ products support not only the restoration of biodiversity in the forest, but also reduction of poverty and restoration of rights to the indigenous Mapuche and descendants of pioneer family foresters.

Made from sustainable native Rauli and Roble hardwood timber, the new range of two-strip floors features Kährs multi-layer construction and glueless Woodloc joint designed for enhanced stability and to promote fast installation. The floor’s surface is crafted from 100% FSC-Fairtrade certified wood whilst FSC Mix certified wood is used for the core layers. It can also contribute to BREEAM or LEED certified projects.

As part of Kährs World Collection, designs include: Roja, an even grained floor with a warm, red tone and lots of colour variation; Tierra, a rich, dark brown stained floor with a more even tone and subtle colour variation; Piedra, an on-trend grey toned floor for a modern, urban look and Cautin, with the boldest colour variation and warm natural hue.

Each floor, except for Cautin, is brushed and all are finished with Kährs Nature Oil. Fair and responsible forestry is the foundation of Kährs’ corporate social responsibility and Beauty with a Conscience philosophy. As a leading global wood floor producer, Kährs also only purchases FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified tropical species.

M a p e i says it supplies a complete system of environmentally clean products, from damp proof membranes to adhesives, such as those recently installed at City of Coventry Health Centre, which achieved a BREEAM rating of Excellent. The flooring contractor involved was Pinnacle Flooring, Sutton Coldfield, a member of the CFA.
The Mapei specification included solvent-free Mapeproof ESM damp proof surface membrane. Eco Prim Grip solvent free pre-aggregated primer was next applied, followed by Latexplan Trade ammonia and protein free levelling compound. Both products carry the EC1 Plus accreditation and are part of Mapei’s Green Innovation programme to assist project designers and contractors achieve LEED (The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified projects.

Ultrabond Eco 380 and Ultrabond Eco Tack were used to secure the floorcoverings. Both products are part of the Ultrabond Eco adhesive range of solvent-free, water dispersion, non-flammable and non-staining products which carry the EC1 GEV Emicode labelling for ultra-low emissions of VOCs.

n o r arubber flooring was used at Werneth Primary Care Centre, Oldham, which brought together a number of existing GP practices under one roof. The area’s 20,000 patients have access to a wide range of health services.

Around 2,000sq m of noraplan mega and mega acoustic flooring was installed, products said to be a popular in healthcare projects, due to their resistance to abrasion, cleanability and resistance to stains, including blood and iodine.

noraplan acoustic can also reportedly reduce the impact of trips and falls by up to 30%. The hard-wearing and durable rubber floorcoverings are said to give a long life span, while the acoustic material provides footfall sound absorption of up to 20db.

The building was acclaimed as ‘the most environmentally friendly primary healthcare building in the UK’. It includes underfloor heating, powered by pumps absorbing heat from the outside air. nora’s credentials include BRE A+ rating and the Blue Angel Award for low VOCs.

Its floorcoverings not only worked with the eco-friendly stance of the building, but reportedly also created a comfortable, hygienic and aesthetic environment.
nora diamond cleaning pads use just water to give the floor a deep clean. Not using cleaning agents, this further contributes to the hygienic indoor air quality and makes it even more environmentally friendly.

Osmo UK saysitsPolyxOil is an eco-friendly wood finish guaranteed to keep wooden surfaces in top condition. Suitable for solid, engineered or laminate floors, it is described as a high quality, water-repellent and tread- resistant wood finish based on natural ingredients.

Available in a matt, clear and satin-matt finishes, the range is claimed to offer the highest coverage with 2.5 litre covering approximately 30sq m with two coats.

Its natural components are said to penetrate deeply into the wood to create a micro-porous finish, allowing the wood to breathe, moisture to evaporate. After treatment the wood is said to be strengthened from within and retains its elasticity.

The wood is claimed to become water repellent, stain resistant and more hard-wearing, because it meets the wood’s natural demands and does not crack, flake, peel or blister.

The reduced solvent content of the wax-oil is said to make it virtually odourless. It is also claimed to contain no biocides or preservatives.

P a llm a n n has combined polyurethane and silane technology in its P5 solvent-free wood flooring adhesive. The product has EC1 classification as it is solvent-free with very low emissions said to guarantee excellent indoor air quality. EC1 products are said not to give off emissions of formaldehyde, hazardous materials or volatile organic compounds (VOC) and meet BREEAM requirements.

Pallmann P5 is also said to produce hard elastic and simultaneously fast setting adhesive grooves, resulting in strong stability.

As it dries quickly, it is designed to prevent the wood from moving when installed and firmly fixes it onto the substrate.

It also reportedly reduces to a minimum swelling or deformation of the wood due to humidity or temperature changes during the setting period.

The fast setting time is claimed to prevent the adhesive’s strength from being diminished by walking on the wood too early and allows the flooring to be sanded and finished after 24 hours.

Uzin hasdevelopedNC160 Special Edition which received an EC1 R Plus classification for very low emissions.
Uzin says its products, including primers and levelling compounds to a variety of adhesives, provide a complete system for surface preparation and installing various floorcoverings.

Many of its products have EC1 Plus and Blue Angel certificates which exceed BREEAM requirements, providing excellent indoor air quality and causing no physiological or ecological risk.


For further information on any of the products mentioned, contact the suppliers directly. And please remember to tell them that you read about their companies in CFJ:

Pallmann P5 solvent-free wood flooring adhesive

Altro – 01462 489308
Bostik – 01785 272727
CMS Danskin – 01925 577711
Desso – 01235 554848
Fila – 01584 877286
Gerflor – 01926 622600
Heckmondwike – 01924 406161
IDS – 08457 298298
Instacoustic – 0118 973 9560
Interface – 01274 690690
Kahrs – 023 9245 3045
Mapei – 0121 508 6970
Nora – 01788 513160
Osmo – 01296 481220
Pallmann – 01788 530080
Uzin – 01788 530080

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