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Moisture Control Is Key Factor For Any Floorlayer

London flooring contractors explain that in the flooring industry there are sometimes additional expenses and delays. They are caused by preparation of the subfloor surface and also dealing with the residual moisture. Learn more details:

  • Our London flooring company is aware that cement screeds dry with 1mm per day for the first 50mm and 2mm per day for the remaining thickness. Let’s make a calculation for 75mm sand! 100 days are necessary for it to dry to the demanded 75%RH. London flooring experts remind, that here we talk about perfect drying conditions. In fact the necessary period for drying may be a lot longer.
  • Our London flooring company reminds, that cement screeds must be programmed into the build at a very early phase. If there is lack of appropriate protection, cement screeds may be contaminated or ruined by other trades which work on site.
  • London flooring experts reveal, that in most of the cases when an inspection is accomplished, the results show that the flooring is contaminated and moisture levels are above the demanded 75%RH. In such cases, mechanical abrasion is necessary for the subfloor in order to remove the entire contamination. Vacuum cleaning must be performed too in order to get rid of all debris and dust.
  • London flooring contractors say that according to the level of dampness, humidity proof membrane may be installed on the subfloor. Thus pinhole free surface is accomplished.
  • London flooring contractors ensure priming of the membrane before application of proper levelling compound. London flooring specialists point that levelling compounds are based on specially chosen admixtures, polymers and aggregates. Once mixed with latex liquids or water, they create self-levelling finish upon which floor coverings may be installed.

Levelling compounds are a London flooring solution that delivers an ‘absorbency layer’ for adhesives. Thus maximum level of adhesion is achieved.

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