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Moisture – It Can Ruin Your Floor!

Unfortunately most flooring contractors don’t stick to some very simple and basic rules. Before you even think about fitting a floor, you should always use a hygrometer to measure:

the moisture content of the sub floor,
the moisture content of the delivered wood, and
the humidity in the room where the floor is to be fitted.

And just for the avoidance of doubt, it is the responsibility of the installer to check moisture levels before installation. If it goes wrong and they haven’t used a hygrometer it will be the installer’s fault, but it will still leave you with a big headache. If you use an installer that doesn’t carry or use a hygrometer you are taking a big risk!
floor ruined by moisturefaulty wood floor installation

The pictures above show the dramatic effect that moisture can have on wood. In the right picture, the sub floor on installation must have had a moisture content of well over 12% and, when measured, was actually found to be over 20% moisture content.

The picture shows that there was damp in the room – and of course the installers should have spotted this immediately. This kind of problem will usually lead to an entire refit of the floor, or – even worse – a new floor.

So, if you’re a novice and know absolutely nothing about installation of wood flooring, panic not. Just simply ask your installer to provide you with hygrometer readings on the day of installation. If they don’t have a hygrometer – use somebody else!

We’ve more information on relative humidity in our Guide.