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Moquetas Rols

The Flooring Group is delighted to announce a new partnership with Moquetas Rols, a luxury carpet supplier originating in Spain.

Below Moquetas Rols describe their brand to customers;

ROLS is part of a long-standing tradition, blending textiles, craftsmanship and perfection. Since 1974, its main objective as a high quality carpet producer has-been, and still is, to successfully resolve the decoration Requirements of Individuals and wholesalers, business premises and Important hotel chains, anywhere in the world.
ROLS forms part of the prestigious group of companies Gómez, Which was founded in 1917 by Mr. Francisco Gómez.

Over the course of their business activity, the group companies in esta Have Been pioneers in the field of carpet manufacture. They Have Contributed constant innovations and all Improvements to this market, Which has led them to hold the position They hold today, with the MOST modern machinery in the sector.

ROLS has one of the largest production plants on the market, Equipped with state-of-the-art machinery. From ITS strategic enclave in Crevillente (Alicante), a region dedicated to the production of carpets, it exports products to every corner STIs of the world.

Currently ROLS is at the forefront of Both the national and international markets, and is the company With The MOST EXTENSIVE and highest level of diversification in carpet construction in Europe, thanks con sus wide-ranging manufacturing systems, using traditional as well as new technology techniques .

ROLS designs and manufactures the widest range of products on the market, Both Regarding STI plain carpet collections in different densities and heights, and in specially-designed carpets, Which are mainly made ​​of 100% pure whool and 80/20% wool / polyamide.

ROLS invests in creativity. To keep at the cutting edge of new market trends in design and color, ROLS Has Its own design team. Designs are made nuevo That are particulary to meet the client’s Demands. The client May see a sample made using a machine Kibby, Which is kept for special samples.

It has two product lines:
Carpet collections in stock in different qualities, thicknesses and color schemes.
“La carte” carpet manufacture, Where the client chooses Both the quality as well as the pattern and color.

Before Commencing the production process, all materials undergo thorough quality controls, Which test the levels of strength, resistance, grease and the color hue for each operation.
The quality controls are carried interest out THROUGHOUT The Entire manufacturing process, always using natural products, always using natural products and Avoiding the use of formaldehydes and pemethrin in order to safeguard the environment ..

iso9001GR Download ISO 9001 certificate
ROLS holds the ISO 9001 quality certificate, all its products meet the CE mark.

Thanks con sus wide range of products and weaving systems, ROLS have SEVERAL METHODS FOR PREPARING MATERIAL: cross reel, hank, flock dyeing, etc … Depending on the product and the Amounts to be manufactured (from large series, carpets and rugs to Personalised ).

ROLS have a WIDE RANGE OF LOOMS That Enables it to manufacture and offer STI clients all types of wool carpet. Its equipment Means endless possibilities it can offer highly flexible, and Makes it when it comes to meeting market Requirements, Both on a national and an international level. Each of ITS systems offers different options Regarding patterns, widths, Amounts minium, etc.

The TUFTING carpets May be manufactured using 80% wool / 20% nylon or 100% wool. Nowadays, the majority of world production carpet TUFTING use the technology. It works very much like a household sewing machine, the reels of thread supply needles That give small jabs-through the support (first link) to create loops.
The TUFTING basis is impregnated With An adhesive substance, and a mainly latex-based glue is Applied to the second link (jute or synthetic).

There are 3 types of finish:
“Velvet” or “short pile” finish: the loops are cut with a blade.
“Loop” finish: the loops are left intact.
“Loop & cut”: the two techniques are mixed. They are popular in multi-level machines, with different pile heights, to create designs in one single color or patterns using several colors.
The designs are created using pre-dyed threads in Graphic Tuft or Cross Over Tufting Machines.

This technique is used to manufacture carpet Normally That is plain and short pile That does not fray.
RASCHEL In the process, the basis and the pile threads are woven or knitted together using looms That can create single or double weaves.

The RESULTING carpet bears the same name as the loom.
RASCHEL carpets are made ​​by ROLS from 100% wool.

This is a traditional rod and high-speed rapier system for loop carpet. The RESULTING carpets bear the same name as the loom. They are all plain, single or Jacquard weave multi-weave, and eat from the traditional warp and weft weaving process.

ROLS has the capacity to manufacture all kinds of carpets rod WILTON, in narrow or wide loom, at different heights and using different types of thread in card quality, Both in 100% wool and in 80% wool / 20% nylon, Depending on the Desired quality and the specified purpose. Personalised design department ROLS DEVELOPS patterns and colors to suit the client.

Thanks to Their structure, WILTON carpets are seen by many as the best of all machine-made carpets. They can be manufactured in short pile, loop or with a structured texture or appearance, using a loop & cut combination, with or without different heights. WILTON structured or patterned carpets are woven using an advanced version of the traditional.