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Mr Tomkinson

The Flooring Group can retail Mr Tomkinson Carpets to our customers and has done so for many years.

Below Mr Tomkinson explain the benefits of their carpet;

Let Mr Tomkinson, your carpet specialist, help you to choose what is right for your home.

Mr Tomkinson has been producing carpets for over 100 years. We understand the need to select the carpet that best matches your needs in terms of durability, appearance and colour and all of our ranges have been developed to assist your requirements in these areas.

After purchasing your Mr Tomkinson carpet, a simple maintenance regime will help to ensure that it maintains its appearance and performance for many years to come.

Daily Cleaning

It is far easier to remove surface dirt from a carpet rather than embedded dirt. We therefore recommend that you vacuum the carpet lightly on a daily basis, to prevent the surface dirt from becoming embedded.

For loop-pile type carpets, cleaners with rotating brushes should not be used, or should only be used after the brushes in the head have been retracted. Additionally, the Velcro strips commonly found on the heads of many vacuum cleaners should either be removed or taped over. Failure to follow this advice may lead to loops in the carpet being pulled out by the cleaner, which will affect both the appearance and the performance of the carpet.

Weekly Cleaning

All carpeted areas should be given a thorough vacuum cleaning at least once a week.

Seasonal Cleaning

There are several methods available for the seasonal cleaning of carpets, including spray extraction (also known as steam cleaning), rotary brush shampooing, dry foam cleaning and dry powder systems. The method chosen and the frequency of cleaning depends upon the intensity of traffic, the nature of the soiling, and the type of carpet.

General Rules for Spot Removal

Soak up liquids with kitchen roll, tissues, toilet roll or a clean cloth.
Scoop up or scrape off solids.
Always work from the edge of the spot inwards.
BLOT, do not rub.
Use small quantities of spot remover at a time, applied to a cloth, NOT directly to the spot. Work into the spot with a small soft brush or sponge.
When using solvents, always ensure there is plenty of ventilation.
Dry the spot, if possible, with a hair dryer.
NEVER use any detergents such as dishwashing liquids, soaps or other cleaners recommended for general household use. Although they may clean the carpet satisfactorily, they will almost certainly cause problems such as rapid re-soiling, colour bleeding, or other damage.

Carpet Ranges

Bowland Supreme
Classic Berber
Lundy Twist Supreme
Orient Express
Tomkinson Berber Supreme
Tomkinson Berber Deluxe
Tomkinson Colours
Tomkinson Twist Regular
Tomkinson Twist Supreme
Tomkinson Twist Deluxe
Tomkinson Twist Ultimate