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I was invited to a breakfast meeting last month and being keen to promote my company I duly went along. Not ever attending one of these events before I was not sure what to expect. I had one thing in mind, Networking. As a guest I paid the meeting contribution and they welcomed me to the fold and took my breakfast order.
The meeting content was lively and informative. Everybody had a say and sales leads were passed to individual members. This is obviously how it works, I thought. You give someone a positive sales lead and in return you get one back. Not so, qualified leads only. Still, should work, I am thinking.

I can offer lots of leads to the group having been in the business for some time. How often do we meet? I wondered, once a month? once a quarter? These people are really keen, every week. Well, at a push I can do that most weeks.

Then, the newcomer to the group bit. Stand up. Tell them who you are what you can offer, what you would like in an ideal referral and most importantly what did I think of the meeting. Well the first thing that crossed my mind was where’s my breakfast? Everybody else seems to have had one, why haven’t I? Good grief. I had been up since 4.00am and on the road by 5.00am to get into London for the meet. Hungry, I was starvin’.  Other than that “I was happy with the content and quality, I think I can fit in well with the group thanks for inviting me”.
I was then supplied an application pack and was asked to bring it in next week with my subscription.

It seems to me that everyone can help, at a price.